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Thread: 2 blade helicopter

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    2 blade helicopter

    So I was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites to get a couple blades around 11 inches long that include blade grips but not necessarily the entire rotor? Also is there anywhere I could get an rc teeter hinge rotor head that would be that small? THANKS

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    Re: 2 blade helicopter

    What is the manufacturer of the heli you have?


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    Re: 2 blade helicopter

    Actually I am working on a research project where we are trying to mimic the effects of whirl flutter. The blade length is limited due to our testing facility. What we were hoping was to find a teeter hinge rotor head but I have had no luck. So now we are just trying to get some good blades and design our own version of a teeter hinge based around the blades we order.

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