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Thread: Middle TN Multi Rotor Meetings

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    Middle TN Multi Rotor Meetings

    We had our meeting last night in the Hobby Lobby party room. We had about 9 guys show up with 10 mult rotor helis. We helped get two quads up and running using the Open Pilot CC board. Did some test hops in the room, and flew outside under the stars. We talked about our projects, fantasy copters, and what we would like to do going forward. We hope to grow the multi rotor fever in the area and are planning on monthly meetings. Next one is scheduled for October 13th. Come on out if you can make it.

    Jason Cole
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    Re: Inaugural Middle TN Multi Rotor Meeting

    Here's some pics from our 2nd meeting.

    Lots of people and copters this time, we'll need some new space!
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    Re: Inaugural Middle TN Multi Rotor Meeting

    Next meeting this Thursday at 7PM. See ya then.

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    Re: Middle TN Multi Rotor Meetings

    HI guys..... Thursday night was cool... especially seeing a few of you fly that large homebuilt at the end of the meeting ! That thing was AWESOME !

    It MOtivated me ...

    I went home after thursdays meeting (worked on my stuff till 2:30 AM)...and got my quad dialed in and finally got to fly it it's fun !

    It was really nice meeting y'all .... I am so far behind most of you technically (when it comes to understanding the electronics and circuit boards etc ) I hope to learn a bunch and be able to advance in this growing niche of the hobby world.

    hope to see everyone and their wild flying machines on the 10th of Dec.

    Later , Christian

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    Re: Middle TN Multi Rotor Meetings

    here's a link to a vid I posted in the forum... with some clips shot from my quadcopter... but I still really need to learn how to fly this thing better... but I'm having a blast with it !


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    Re: Middle TN Multi Rotor Meetings

    Here's some notes from last weeks meeting:

    Well hope everyone is keeping warm, it has turned winter on us once again!

    At our January 12th meeting, we were a bit winter hammered, and not many were able to attend, due to snow / ice and other commitments. We discussed the possibilities of holding more than one meeting per month, as the multi-rotor technology is advancing at a very rapid pace... We also discussed, yours truly providing a meeting topic for our future meetings. With a topic identified for a future meeting, you may be asked to help provide subject matter expertise or to present if the topic falls into your area of expertise. Jason Cole presented a brief safety awareness presentation to the members, and was awarded the very first MCMR "Mangled Finger" award for 2012. You an ask Jason to share his photos, if you have the stomach for such things.

    The show & Tell segment of the meeting saw several new hovering machines, from John Westmans towell-bar KK to TWO of the BlueSkyRC Spider HEXs, one with a Reindeer pilot that sang Christmas songs! Jason Cole showed his brand new DJI NAZA controller, Neil Davis brought his flight ready Spider HEX and his not quite ready mini QUAD. I brought one of the new DJI Flame Wheel frames for the group to inspect.

    With the introduction of the Blade mQX micro QUAD and the landslide of cheap Chinese controllers flooding the market, there will be many new members who will be joining our ranks this year. So it is time for a little organization within our meetings... At least until it warms up again for our little night flight demos once again! :)

    So with those ideas being chaired, our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 26th of January, and our meeting topic will be "ESC modifications to enable "Rapid Drive" motor control. RapidDrive drives the motor much more aggressively, changes in motor speed happen extremely quickly. We will show you how to modify the cheap Chinese ESCs to enable RapidDrive, at least until the real 32bit ESCs hit the market later this year.

    Don't forget our club web roster page, you can find the bottom banner with the next meeting notice posted. Keep your member data current and updated.

    I will also be emailing a reminder notice one to two days before the next meeting.

    Take care and remember to keep those rotors pointing up, unless your flipping!

    Rod Wagner

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