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Thread: Giant Scale GB Snider Cup Seaplane Racer

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    Giant Scale GB Snider Cup Seaplane Racer

    I thought you folks would enjoy these photos. I purchased the GS GB from you last fall with the intention to make this seaplane racer, none of the GB's ever were put on floats but they were built in the same era as the Snider cup racers. As you can see maybe the Granville brothers missed an opportunity as it sure looks competitive!
    The mono struted floats are foam with an aluminum strut that bolts right to the the wing where the wheels bolted on, no cross struts and very sleek. It flies with no trim adjustments or rebalancing required. Electron powered with a 53/35/9 motor on two 5000 ma, 5S battery packs in series. Each 8 min. flight uses about 2200 ma. Fair Winds
    Robert Ball
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    Re: Giant Scale GB Snider Cup Seaplane Racer

    That is so awesome!

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