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Thread: Electric power plant sizing...

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    Electric power plant sizing...

    So, it seems every manufacturer and distributor has their own system of naming and numbering electric motors, ESCs, etc. In the "old days" of glo fuel and dope, we built a .20, .40 or .60 size airplane and could count on the aircraft being of a certain size. Now that electrics have advanced, it's not so easy for us old-timers to figure out.

    Here's the dillemma that I'm hoping someone here can help with... I've recently "retired" a fun little Electrifly Fokker DR-1. One of my kids HAD to have it for a static model to hang in his room. Fine. Now I've got a set of HiTec servos, Electrifly 25A (silver series) ESC, a RimFire 400 (950Kv) motor and a whole slew of 3S 1300 mAh LiPo packs. This gear needs a home badly, and I've re-discovered the Telemaster series once again. The question is whether this particular power setup would adequately pull a Mini Telemaster along, or if I should be looking at a Micro Telemaster instead?

    Can anyone comment on power requirements? Better still, can anyone point to a primer that might help decipher Kv, Watts, Amps, mAh, wing loading, etc... so I might have better luck selecting airplanes and kits to play with given a particular power setup?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Electric power plant sizing...

    Explore this thread, it should help. It did me.


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    Re: Electric power plant sizing...

    Hey Can Can, use the info thatTilller gave you. The info is great. I fly nothing but electric, and I use that form to check out all of my power systems. So far it has lead down the right path every time.

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