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Thread: Wing mounts

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    Wing mounts

    In the ARF yellow telemaster I'm rebuilding, the wing bolt set comes with bolts for mounting them. I have to use 1/4 stock for mounting the female side of the wing bolt to use the provided bolts. But to use wing bolts to start with I had to strengthen the fuse where I want to mount the wing bolts. I used 1/2" x 1/2" basswood for this.

    Can I just do away with the provided bolts and use long wood screws with some CA on them to attach the female side directly to the 1/2 basswood?

    Is there any no-no about using wood screws?



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    Re: Wing mounts

    The nylon wing bolts are meant to shear in case you ground loop or cartwheel. It allows the wing to separate as if it were held on with rubber bands. Wood screws are a no-no for wing hold down.

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    Re: Wing mounts

    I haven't been around for a while but wanted to up date this post.

    I think you misunderstood my post.

    I understand the use of the Nylon mounting screws. That wasn't what I was talking about however.

    I was talking about the female receiver piece that you mount in the fuse to accept the nylon mounting bolt.

    The female reciever piece comes with bolts to attacht it. My question was, can this be mounted with wood screws, (maybe with epoxy added)? The Nylon bolts would of course still be used.


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