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Thread: Funster V2 balance problem

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    Funster V2 balance problem

    I just assembled a Funster V2 and I can't get it to balance right. I'm using the Atlas .46 brushless from my first Funster and a 3 cell 3700mah battery pack and it needs 3.5 ounces of nose weight to balance slightly nose heavy on the balance stand and it is very sensitive between being tail heavy and nose heavy at the 4" aft cg position. It flies nose heavy though. I either have to keep the flaps on or some up trim to keep the nose from dropping. Any ideas what is going on?

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    Re: Funster V2 balance problem

    If it feels nose heavy, remove some of the weight and fly it again. Keep doing that until you have either taken all the weight out, or it feels tail heavy to you. It's more important to find where you like the CG to be than to have it meet some number on the stand.

    Jason Cole

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