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Thread: Deke speed control substitute?

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    Deke speed control substitute?

    Hi all,
    I have a bellanca decathlon which has stopped working. I think the speed control is fried. (is there an easy way to diagnose that?) Replacement part is backordered - is there a simple substitution that you could recommend?


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    Re: Deke speed control substitute?

    Quiet around here...

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    Re: Deke speed control substitute?

    One way to check to make sure the motor is not bad, is to take the prop off and connect a battery directly to the motor terminals. The motor should spin with direct voltage. If not the motor is bad. If it does then it is likely the ESC. Any 10-20A brushed motor esc for aircraft would work for it.


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    Re: Deke speed control substitute?

    Thanks for the reply, Jason. Motor is fine, confirmed by direct current. I'll look for a speed controller somewhere - seems all the brushed aircraft speed controllers are out of stock here...

    All the best,

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    Re: Deke speed control substitute?

    Yeah, there are getting harder and harder to source as brushless motor dominate the market now.

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