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Thread: Full throttle not as much thrust

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    Full throttle not as much thrust

    I have a Hobby Lobby Mig 15 64mm. Was flying today first battery the stock battery 1600mah 20c full throttle sounded like it always has good thrust. Landed let is sit while I flew another plane. Had to open the hatch to the motor to get some grass out they had just cut the field. Put it back together new battery a 1800mah 20c 96 percent charge. Throttled up just did not sound the same launched the aircraft flew fine but just did not seem to have the power it did on the first flight. Finished the flight flew another plane. Checked out the Mig looked at the fan unit again yellow wire had a mark on it like it got caught between the fan unit and fuslage wire seemed fine relocated and put another battery in same thing just did not seem like it had full power at full throttle. Another note both batteries seemed a bit warm after the flight like might be pulled on a bit harder possibly. Was wondering could it be the esc or motor plane has maybe 12 flights on it using an XP9303 transmitter. Any suggestions. Thanks


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    Re: Full throttle not as much thrust

    Could be some binding of the fan maybe with some of that grass in there. I would pull the fan out of the plane and give it a good inspection.

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