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Thread: Zoomer Free Flight Glider Reviews

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    Zoomer Free Flight Glider Reviews

    Zoomer Glider is TOUGH - Play Catch and GO LONG!!!
    This little airplane is awesome! It really is as much fun as it looks. It's more fun than playing catch with a football -- and I love football. It's a little harder to anticipate where this glider will go compared to a baseball, because the wind is part of the game, but it's an absolute blast to tune the tail and practice throwing it like a dart -- because its able to fly straight, you can really zip it to your buddy. Catch it by the nose, by the wing... it's really tough!

    it doesn't matter how weak your arm is -- this little airplane takes flight. If you feel compelled, it's easy enough to imagine how to put more weight in the nose and throw it farther, and farther and farther.... some folks want to put power on the glider.. The best glider for the buck, the best glider period!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Cleveland, Mark

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    Re: Zoomer Free Flight Glider Reviews

    Maybe the most fun you can have with your clothes on...
    Is there a rating better than 5 stars??? I really want to give it 10 out of 5 stars, but I guess 5 out of 5 will have to do.

    Oh my gosh.... sooooooo much fun!!! From the moment I fist saw this thing zip through the air, I was hooked! The first day I got to throw it, my throwing arm was sore for 2 days after, mostly because I am very out of shape, but nonetheless, I was running around like a kid having a BLAST with this thing.

    It flies so well. It is really hard to put into words. "it just goes and goes". Indoors it looks like it is on a zip line. Outdoors you can get this thing to go 50 - 75 yards - probably more. Just bend the styro to trim it out. The best throw I have had was into a 5 to 10 mph wind thrown as hard as I can. It climbed about 50 ft. into the air, turned around and flew down wind and landed 4 houses away in the opposite direction!! It was crazy.

    My 4 year old nephew Max was having literally too much fun... after about 20 minutes of throw... run... throw... run... throw... run... he ended up vomiting all over himself. Hahaha. So much fun he literally made himself sick.

    I've been in R/C for years, but this non-R/C experience ranks up there with the best of them. Simple & fun! Everyone needs one of these things.

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Dickinson, Tommy

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    Re: Zoomer Free Flight Glider Reviews

    I just purchased the zoomer today and am quite disappointed with the performance of this plane when compared to the MPX Fox.

    This plane will not fly as far and is a lot more susceptible to damage and scuffing :( . This may be a fun aircraft to convert to RC given its larger fuselage over the Fox but as a chuck glider it pails into insignificance in comparison.

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