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Thread: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, YELLOW/PINK Reviews

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    Great Aircraft
    Great airplane for the price, handles well and preforms all basic acrobatic maneuvers.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, YELLOW/PINK Reviews

    YAK-55 Foamie
    This was my first electric and foamie. Kit assembles easily and can even be put together with Hot Glue. However, the nose of the plane is VERY fragile and I eventually broke off most of the nose that protrudes past the motor. In addition, if you don't put a "Prop Saver" on the motor as I didn't when initially built, you'll break off the motor mount almost every time you land. With that said, this was a GREAT first electric, but I would highly recommend replacing the solid graphite rod in the wing with a graphite "tube" as the solid rod supplied will bend quite a bit in high speed maneuvers. I flew this plane for quite a while, even after many repairs from hard landings or other mishaps, and purchased another one a while back when the went on sale.

    I have put a graphite wing tube in the current plane I just got finished, so I'm curious to see how it flies. For the money, its a GREAT starter foamie. I think is would be a MUCH better plane if built from EPP foam and they replaced the graphite "wing rod" with a graphite "wing tube".
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Lykins, David

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    Re: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, YELLOW/PINK Reviews

    Yak55 Great little plane
    I keep one of these flyable at all time. This is a fantastic 3D airframe if the build is kept light. the Yak55 cannot be beat for dollar to fun ratio.

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Palesch, John

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