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Thread: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, RED/BLACK Review

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    A whole lot of fun for not a lot of money
    This plane is about as easy to assemble as is possible and still have it fit in a box. I've put three together, and can now do it in under an hour. OK, truth is I dumb thumbed and killed the first one with my, um, tremendous 3-D piloting skills. It headed for terra firma exactly as I directed it, an innocent plane whose life was cut short. I'm still flying the second one, and gave the third to a friend. Anyway, the parts are cut with amazing accuracy, and it goes together really easily.
    I bought the recommended setup for mine - E.S.C, motor and battery, and servos. It has enough power to launch straight up out of your hand, with unlimited vertical, and flies for about 10 minutes if left wide open the whole time. The Yak is not a floater, so you'll want to land with some power still available, shutting off just before touch down - no landing gear means belly landings. This plane is capable of wild aerobatics, and is a total hoot to fly. It pretty much goes exactly where you point it (see confession above)!
    I live close to Hobby Lobby and bought it in the showroom there. Neal behind the counter cautioned me to "build light, and get the C.G. right". This is great advice. Don't use more glue than is necessary to hold it together. Extra glue just makes it heavier, not stronger. Make sure the the C.G. ends up on the spar, or about an 1/8" ahead of it. Once framed up, lay your battery on the wing to find the right spot for balance. My one gripe is that the foam is unforgiving, and easily broken. Fortunately it is also easily glued back together. Using a piece of electrical tape on the bottom of the fuse protects it from abrasion when landing.
    All in all, the Yak is a fun, easy to assemble plane. If you share my misfortune and and mistakenly "re-kit" it, it is so inexpensive to replace that you'll likely just grab another one.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Anderson, Kevin

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    Re: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, RED/BLACK Review

    Great Yak!
    I found the yak 55 to be a good value for a "moment's notice" type of plane. It builds very quickly, and accurately, and requires no special tools to complete. It would make a great first 3D model for the pilot looking to make that leap without spending allot of money.

    I have built three, and they all have come in slightly under 8 ounces ready-to-fly, without going to extremes to get to that weight. The recommended power system is a great match for this plane, providing plenty of punch for the dollar spent. I do prefer a GWS 9x4.7 prop, however. I feel that it is a better match for outdoor flying, providing a bit more speed, while not sacrificing any noticeable thrust

    I constantly find myself with one in the truck, for those occasions when I just happen across a good spot to fly, and I have a few minutes to spare. This plane handles mild winds (up to 10MPH) quite well, and never fails to put a smile on my face. This plane, in my opinion, is one you can't afford to pass up. Hovers are easy, torque rolls are easy, knife edge loops, harriers...all feel good with this plane.

    If you want a great flying plane on a budget to learn or practice 3D with, you won't find a better value!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by King, Tim

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    Re: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, RED/BLACK Review

    Super 3D trainer
    I'm on my second Yak and have a third still in the box. These fly great with plenty of hover power using the 400XT motor. With the CG correct and keeping the weight down to about 8-9oz. you can hover with enough authority to accelerate straight up out of hover anytime you want.
    An interesting thing about the Yak kit, is it is, thicker foam then most making this a fairly robust little plane that can handle a lot of abuse, and if it does break, a lttle epoxy or foam safe CA and your back n the air within minutes.
    The Yak will fly in an amazingly small area. It also is a fantastic confidence builder as you really don't have to worry about cost or build time of the Yak. So push yourself a little and try those maneuvers that you have been wanting to perfect, the Yak will do exactly what you want it to.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Kress, Dan

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    Re: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, RED/BLACK Review

    Great Plane for the Price
    Great airplane for the price, handles well and preforms all basic acrobatic maneuvers.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: YAK-55 3D PROFILE, RED/BLACK Review

    Yak55 helped me learn 3D
    What more could you ask for at such a low price tag!?!?!?

    I ordered my first Yak55 from HL as soon as they released them a few years ago. I had some experience with 3D (mostly from AFPD Simulator), but with this little plane I made leaps and bounds in my skills.

    The only thing that I wasn't absolutely pleased with was the ability to knife edge easily. Out of both of my Yaks, both were a handful in knife edge flight.

    Don't let that get you down though, because the Yak is a champ at EVERYTHING else!!!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Grose, Gary

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