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Thread: YAK 54 SHOCK FLYER Reviews

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    YAK 54 SHOCK FLYER Reviews

    Yak 54 Shock Flyer
    I started the build by reading the instructions and identifying the parts. The build goes very fast and easy with just a few sections that need a little more attention before applying glue.
    One of these sections is the wing build, I personally found it´s easier to glue the carbon fiber spars to the leading and trialling edges with foam safe CA and accelerator, then covering them with tape. The other section you have to plan ahead is the crossing of the two landing gear rods. These are carbon fiber too and they cross on the bottom of the fuselage. I reinforced the area with one glass fiber circle on each side, but the reinforcing came after the plane was built and flown. If you have too many hard landings, the fuse will give way on this area. The last section I reinforced was the strip of fuselage right under the battery location. After about ten flights, this part broke right under the battery.
    If you take your time reinforcing these section of the plane while building, you will enjoy this incredible flying aircraft!
    I fitted my Yak with an AXI Gold 2208-34 brushless motor, Castle Creations Phoenix 25 ESC (though you only need at most a 12 Amp ESC) Hitec HS-55 servos and a Futaba micro receiver. The airplane came out weighting only 10.5 ounces. The combination of this motor and the APC 10x4.7 prop is incredible.
    Look out for the rates the first time you fly this Yak!!! It is very responsive even at slow speeds, so remember to dial in some expo and dual rates are a very good idea too.
    The Yak can do whatever you command it to: Hovers a little under half throttle, elevators, harriers, rolling circles, etc. I even gave IMAC Sportsman a shot in the gym I was flying in! It is very forgiving, so it makes it easy to set and trim the first time you take it for a spin. Go to high rates and this thing flies like there´s no tomorrow.
    I saw no misses on this kit and I've had three of them. Easy and fast to built and a ton of fun to fly.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Giant Club GH-12115, John Canahuati

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    Re: YAK 54 SHOCK FLYER Reviews

    Yak Shock Flyer
    I am not really a 3D pilot. Other than a few loops, rolls and spins, a wingover is a fancy manoeuvre for me. Regardless, so many RC pilots started flying these thin foamy profile planes, that I finally took the plunge too.

    Other club members suggested the (Ikarus) Yak 54 Shock Flyer as the best all-around 3D flyer, both for indoor and outdoor fun. It was easy to build and I powered it with the small Axi brushless motor as suggested. The plane was simple to fly, but it was also different from other models that I’ve flown. Because it has a flat wing (no airfoil), I was surprised that straight and level flight was faster than I anticipated. Then again, this type of model is not intended for regular sport flying; it is meant for wild aerobatics.

    I use the plane as a tool to improve my flying skills. It’s great for flying inverted, straight up vertical, spot landings, knife edge, and more, all the while not worrying about destroying an expensive airframe. Sure I’ve smashed it a few times, but foam-safe CA and Accelerator get the model back in the air in minutes.

    My favorite thing to do with this model, while others are watching, is to climb nearly vertical for a few hundred feet, then stall the plane, and spin the plane all the way down until about 20 feet from the ground, and then do it again.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rogozinsky, Michael

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    Re: YAK 54 SHOCK FLYER Reviews

    Bigger is better... a great plane for all
    This plane is great for a beginner looking to get into 3D. And it's larger size makes it much easier to fly as it'll handle any windy conditions with much more stability than a smaller plane. Easy to put together, with all parts pre-cut for you, it's a real time saver to build and doesn't have a "scare" factor for the newbie who's never put together a plane before. Light-weight but durable, it's excellent for slow-flying to get used to the reactiveness when your beginners nerves are kicking in, yet acrobatic and responsive to let you ease into simple 3D moves as you gain confidence, and then go all out as your skills build. The great color scheme makes it easy for your eye to pick up while flying and of course it looks great which will impress anyone watching. But the affordability factor makes the biggest impact... in case of the unlucky event that you and your planes does with the ground. Very inexpensive to replace in the event of a very bad crash, yet readily fixable with a little CA glue in the event of minor damage. Simply a great buy all around!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Cella, Robert

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