Graupner He-111
The Graupner He-111 is a well designed and built ARF with an adequate representation of the He-111’s distinctive elliptical wing. Construction conventions and standards seemed to identical to the Blackhorse Models’ OV-1 Mohawk, but with a slightly better quality stick-on, pre-printed, covering (even the pilots are as bad as the Blackhorse OV-1’s). The model is made light for electric power so must be handled with care to avoid any “crunching’ or cracking of the thin balsa skin if you grab a wing by the edges. A 5000 mAh, 4S1P battery weighing 499 grams fit perfectly in the battery box. The motors used provided a total of 874 watts input, giving the aircraft about 130 watts per pound maximum. All of the power was never used as take-offs were made at about 3/4 throttle. In the air the He-111 is very stable and always predictable. Landings have all been smooth, with no tendency to tip stall. All flights have been limited to scale maneuvers, so I don’t know how it handles loops, rolls, or Immelmanns. All-in-all an affordable rendition of this unique aircraft.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Minninger, James