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    perfect biginner
    This is the airplane I learded to fly with. It's simple to put together and pretty basic. It's not a airplane to fly over a 5mph wind especially if you are learning. It is very stong for an rc plane. I broke the wing in half 3 times and hot glued it back. I had to replace the tail wing a a very low cost. I still fly it as my lazy relaxing flyer. I recommend this plane as a first plane in rc flying.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Tisoskey, Bob

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    The winged one
    I purchased this plane to teach me how to fly. It taught me more about airplanes then I had ever dreamed. What a wonderful and durable airplane. It flies very smoothly and is very easy to handle. The Wing Dragon is easy to spot in the sky too. It will take of from the ground and it also hand launches very easy. Landings are easy with or without the landing gear. The radio is okay and it uses very common servos. The motor is okay but it definitely needs more horsepower. I take it with me to the field everytime because I know it will fly just fine. I run my Wing Dragon on 9.6 volt (8 cell) batteries from the Wing Dragon 4. This makes it much easier to fly and pull out of trouble. The plane still balances fine with the bigger battery and the speed control doesn't get hot. I don't hold it wide open throttle but it's real handy when you need to fight for altitude or a gust of wind wants to take it from me. This airplane is well worth the money, I wouldn't mind getting another one.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Cyliax, Jim

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    The Beginner's Best Bet
    The hardest part of the build on this RTF is putting on the decals. My only change was to enlarge the cooling holes in the rear of the motor housing to allow a little more cooling air to flow around the motor. Texas Summertime heat can take a toll on electrics if you don't have proper cooling. One Wing Dragon has taught 5 of our junior members to fly and has survived all of their beginner mistakes. Now that's one tough plane. It is very easy to fly and it still amazes me the level of performance that it gives with the brushed power system. Our club has selected the Wing Dragon as the top prizes for our club kid training weekend. Thanks Hobby Lobby for bringing this RTF to market.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by McDougall, Mike

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    Kit contents: The Wing-Dragon comes with everything you will need to get air-born. Included in the kit are servos, radio, powerful motor, a NIMH battery, a wall charger, and speed controller.

    Assembly: Assembly was a breeze. All that is required of the builder is to bolt on the tail section, attach the control linkages, glue the wing halves together, and apply some decals. The landing gear are removable for hand launching, or you can install them for a rolling takeoff. While you are assembling, plug in the included battery and charger, and you will be in the air in no time.

    In the air: The wing dragon is the most stable, forgiving, easy to fly plane I have ever flown. This model is perfect for beginners. On takeoff from the ground the model lifts with just a little elevator and the powerful motor quickly climbs the model to flying altitude. Hand launching was a breeze and can easily be accomplished by the pilot alone. Cut power on the motor during flight and the Wing-Dragon becomes a docile glider that can easily catch thermals and prolong your flight experience. The model is very forgiving on landings. The landing gear will take considerable abuse and the wing has survived end to end cartwheeling across the ground.

    Summary: All in all, a great beginner airplane for entry into the field. I have had so many flights that I have lost count and my Wing-Dragon is still going strong. The one weak spot I will point out is that the manufacturer included some poor quality servos with the model. I would recommend replacing them with some stronger servos. Other than that, a great little plane.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Flach, Raymond

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    Decent 2nd plane
    Not the best learning plane but cheap enough that it's not a big loss. The pusher configuration means that it needs a little speed for anything to happen, very slow and it will not respond very well. Still a decent plane if you have enough room to fly it at a good speed, and give it some throttle.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Nye, Jeff

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    Great airplane for FPV due to pusher configuration, Was pretty stable yet could use a little better slow speed handling characteristics. Overall great aircraft for the price.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Art-tech Wng Dragon
    This was one of my first electric airplanes when it first was offered by HL. This little plane and myself had many ups and downs but we finally got it together and had many succesful flights. It seems that the biggest problem was the pilot, always over controlling the plane, but once he learned to not swing the sticks so far that the plane actually flew pretty darned good.
    I have enjoyed this ariplane and finally passed it on to another new pilot to learn to fly with. It is amazing how much abuse this plane can take and still fly almost as good as when it was new out of the box.

    Equipment used: Everything comes with the plane except the 8 AA batteries.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    A durable trainer that can handle some wind
    I have put quite a few miles on my Wing Dragon... it wasn't my first plane, but I have introduced both brothers, my dad, and several nephews and nieces to RC flight with it. And it is still in flying condition! A buddy of mine managed to put his into the top of a tree where it stayed for six months... it finally blew down, and once the battery was charged it was flying again!

    The Wing Dragon has some weight to it, so it can handle a little bit of wind (unlike some others) so you can get more flights in. The plastic body is very tough, I've seen it nosed in at high speed with just a small dent. Wings are easy to repair with hot glue or cheap to replace if it comes to that.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Reinsch, Bobby

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    I want one!
    I don't actually own one, but I have a friend who does and it is a sweet bird in the sky. Handles wind very well, has some thermal characteristics, and flies fast or slow, an excellent trainer. There are allot of good trainers out there and I certainly would put this on top of the list if you are looking for a fun to fly aircraft. He even changed out the receiver and put a 2.4 GHZ DSM receiver in it.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Gaiser, Steve

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    This is one of the easiest planes to fly for beginners! Follow the instructions and you have a wonderful flight experience!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Johnson, James

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