super clean and super rugged right out of the box
I bought one of these 6 years ago with a Foga Wing. The wing is long gone but the fan keeps on ticking.

This was the first real EDF I ever purchased and has proven to be the most reliable and consistent EDF I have ever purchased since other than the older version of this unit that had a full cowl and even that one is still running.

The quality of the CF layup is perfect, the accuracy of the parts is dead on and it balanced out of the box.

I ran it with the original speed 280 brushed set up on 8 cells and have migrated it to the brushless era with a few different motors but none that are still available. It has worked with every motor I have tried to mount in in, although it does have a pretty deep pitch on the fan so a slightly lower KV motor than that used on some of the newer fans would be a wise choice to take advantage of the pitch.

It would be great if the HL techs could keep this page updated with what their recommendations would be from their vast selection of newer tech motors to make a combo for the current buyer.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by valente, philip