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Thread: VAPOR RTF Reviews

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    VAPOR RTF Reviews

    Great Indoor Fun
    I got one of these and have had a great time with it. It flies at walking speed or slower and has full control. I have flown it out doors in no wind conditions and it is so much fun to see peoples faces as they watch this little plane fly silently around. I wish I had some to sell because everyone wants to know where they can get one. I have been flying for a few years and have gotten to be a fair pilot, with this in mind I have to say that this plane has flight limitations. It will not fly inverted or do 3D very well, but what it does do is fly very slowly and stable. That's great for all of the guys that just want to have some fun on those rainy days or want to brush up on the flying skills before the go out to the field. I have enjoyed flying mine and think for the price it is a great value.
    CONS: I crashed right out of the box and the covering came loose from the frame. I used tape to repair it.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Blount, William

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    RTF - Ready To Frustrate
    Great idea. Well recommended.

    Poor documentation and follow-through.

    The directions mention to enter bind mode. I could not find information on that:
    - it's not in the printed documentation
    - it's not in the documentation on the site for the plane
    - it's not in the knowledge base
    - I couldn't find it via a web search

    This plane may be marketed to beginners, but the instructions don't cater to them.

    A phone call yielded the correct (though arcane) procedure to enter bind mode. It all worked. But that required 2 hours of frustrating research. It should have been included in the manual, instead of brushed-aside by "see (non-existent) instructions".
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Wolf, Michael

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    Neat little plane
    This is a very brief review of the Parkzone Vapor line of Etomic planes. There is a Bind and Play version available that is great if you already own a DSM2 2.4Ghz transmitter like the Spektrum DX6i.

    Phoenix is very hot, muggy, and windy this time of year and I needed to get some flying in. The perfect solution is of course, some indoor flying which is very enjoyable with this neat little plane.

    The RTF version gives you everything you need to be up and flying in literally about 20 minutes (including 8 AA batteries for the transmitter and charger). Naturally, while your tiny LiPo battery is charging for 20 minutes you can read the manual.

    While not for a first time flyer, the vapor is very easy to fly. Its ability to slowly fly is perfect for the indoors. More importantly, this little plane is very durable as it flexs and is not stiff. Giving way and extremely low mass is the Vapors key to remaining undamaged. The fuselage and tail/wing framework is made of lightweight carbon and the wing and tail surfaces are covered in lightweight PET film. The motor, while not extremely powerful, has enough umph to get you out of trouble, and the plane can turn on a dime.

    I do recommend that you have a large enough venue to fly in. The manual states a 15 x 15 foot (4.57 x 4.57 meters) room is good, and that is true, but a larger room with a high ceiling brings more relaxed flight and more trick flying possibilities. This plane can fly moderately fast or gracefully slow.

    The Transmitter is just OK. If you have a DSM2 2.4Ghz transmitter I would use that over the one in the box as it is more precise. The receiver has a single antenna, so I assume that dual diversity processing is not being used. The transmitter requires 4 AA batteries. I would also recommend that you turn the transmitter on and wait about 5-10 seconds for the device to boot and beep when ready before turning on the receiver.

    Quality seems good. There were no defects in my Vapor.

    Even the packaging is nice. Everything in the 19" x 16" x 6" box is easy to get at, and the box and styrofoam insert lends itself nicely to be used as a storage box and transportation box. This is really important as the very light plane can easily be blown away or twisted as it is transported outside. What I really like is the slide-in styrofoam pieces that fix the plane to the packaging (nice Parkzone!). The only thing that Parkzone forgot is a handle for the box, but I have that covered as I took the handle off my Wing Dragon 4 box and cuts some holes in the vapor box to mount the handle.

    The Charger requires 4 AA batteries. At first I was a little unsure of AA batteries as a source of power, because I am so used to connecting my Lipo's to a Triton charger; and I do charge the battery with my Triton 2 on its lowest Lipo charge rat with a special adapter that plugs into the charge leads. The AA battery charger that Parkzone provides gives many recharges on a set of AA cells so anything else really isn't necessary.

    I would like to suggest to Parkzone that they add a green charge light to the charger in addition to the red light that is there now. When you plug the battery in the red indicator goes on and then blinks progressively slower as it charges. When the indicator blinks at a rate of 20 seconds the battery is charged. C'Mon guys - who can wait 20 seconds between blinks when your dying to fly! A green "charged" light may alleviate this anxiety.

    Replacement batteries [PKZ3001] are about $9. Not too bad.

    Setting the CG is done by sliding the wing frame back and forth on the fuselage frame. the battery box also slides on the frame as well. Info is listed in the manual (which is available online).

    Another nice touch is the availability of replacement parts. A list of replacement parts is on the last page of the manual.

    For the money, the Vapor is a blast!
    The word innovative is on the box. This fortunately is true. This is a product that is well designed, flys well, and is a great value for the money. I'm really tired of being "nickled and dimed to death" when I buy other airplanes. A $3 connector here, $7 for CA there, it adds up very quickly. That cost factor is not here. The plane is so durable and well-behaved that flying is a relaxing pleasure. I have crashed this plane so many times without damage, I still cannot believe that it is so tough; amazing. I suppose the only real danger to the plane would be by something puncturing the plastic film on a bad landing. Clear the room of as many hazards as possible before flying and you will have taken care of that.

    This little airplane is fun to fly and its satisfaction factor is high. I really enjoy my Vapor and I recommend it to others.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Gaynor, Nick

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    A Ton of Fun in a Half-Ounce Airplane
    Wow! A 3-channel ready to fly electric model airplane that weighs a half-of-an-ounce!

    This is another industry leading product that has a big “bang-for-the buck” value. I bought this Vapor RTF Micro RC plane when it first came on the market. I was impressed at the “bare-bones” look it had (lower weight) compared to its foamy brothers from the same manufacturer/importer. Because of its low wing loading, I knew this model would be fun.

    The morning after I bought it, I took it to work (I work at an auction gallery that sells antiques) early, before anyone else arrived. Within minutes I was practicing takeoffs from Chippendale dining room tables, avoiding crystal chandeliers, and carefully landing on other dining room tables. Soon I was learning how to fly very slowly, at a nose high angle, using throttle to control altitude.

    Several other members of our RC club have since purchased these and we have had a lot of fun learning new techniques. In a high-ceiling gym we have been able to do loops, and a few of us have managed to do rolls (really inside loops with rudder added). Some have tried combat contests by attaching very light paper ribbons to the tail.

    This is an impressive product that appeals to RC flyers of all levels. It is slow enough that new flyers get to practice and acquire airtime, and experienced flyers try to push the limits what this model can do. One flyer actually bound two Vapors to his transmitter and flew both at the same time.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rogozinsky, Michael

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    Good little indoor flyer
    Seen this flown in a very tight space, flown it myself in about 10X10 area, will even slow right down and harrier a bit, very light, a little fragile of course but still a fun toy
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Nye, Jeff

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    Parkzone vapor
    This is a sweet little airplane and a joy to fly.Its so maneuverable I can fly it in my bedroom. And outside on a calm day its a swell plane for a beginner.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Klaus, Levi

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    Great airplane to fly indoors. Relatively durable and easy to repair. The simple design is very nice.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    I fly it in my living room. I fly it in my basement. I also fly it in a hangar once in awhile. It's a fun little plane and the price is just right to keep you flying all year round. It is very quiet and will last about 20 minutes on a charge. Don't expect any 3d capable flying. You might get a nice loop in. All in All a nice slow relaxing little plane.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Bellows, Brett

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    Hello I have flown my vapor for about 3 months now and just love it. I fly inside a school gymnasium and it is just the perfect size. The power is very responsive and even being just rudder throttle elevator it will do most aerobatics without problems. Very easy flier and great for the beginner or expert pilot. Highly recommend to anyone. The only thing about it that i would change would be to include a higher capacity battery for longer flights. A++ quality.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by dombrosky, steven

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    Re: VAPOR RTF Reviews

    I have been waiting for a plane like this for years. Tons of fun! If the room is small you have to harrier it around. You can see the onset of stall buffet because the elevator covering starts undulating, way cool. Just make sue you turn off the heater or a/c because the slightest breeze will make handling difficult. My cat loves to chase it but never has attacked it.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by long, hugh

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