Fun little jet when you add a brushless motor
I built this shock flyer with my son after having been out of the hobby for 25 years. The kit is well put together and assembles easily. The supplied motor is totally inadequate and will not fly the plane at all. Do not even bother trying to make it work. You have to buy a brushless motor with the appropriate ESC and a 3 cell Li-PO battery to successfully fly this plane. When you do that you will find you have a very docile flyer yet very exciting powerful flyer for small fields. Do not fly on a windy day as this plane is very light. I would have given more stars for the rating except I bought the speed controller and battery for the supplied motor that Hobby Lobby recommended and that turned out to be a waste of money. Ikarus should provide a motor that actually has enough power to fly the plane. As before, buy a brushless motor, ESC and 3-cell Li-Po and you will have lots of fun.
I give this product 3 stars. Review by Vail, Lauren