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Thread: SUKHOI SU-26M BNF Reviews

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    SUKHOI SU-26M BNF Reviews

    SU 26 Ultra Micro
    I was tempted to give this a five star rating, but really its a 4 1/2. I say this because the one I received has some servo noise when the battery is plugged in and it does not go away with any adjustment. Also the plane is twisted ever so slightly and will need to be heated and twisted back to put in line like it should already be. Enough said about the tiny issues, this aircraft actually will fly out of the box once it is bound to the transmitter. For those of you who do not go to the alternate web site here are the settings for the dual rates that need to be set before flying to make the experience a positive one. This is for the DX6i and the DX7.

    Aileron should be set High Rate at 100% and 50%
    High Rate at 60% and 50%

    Elevator Low Rate at 100% and 50%
    Low Rate at 70% and 30%

    Rudder remains both High Rate and Low Rate at 100%

    On a calm day this little plane will fly your socks off and is very touchy until you get used to it, so give yourself plenty of room to learn in. Keep the box that it comes in so you can take this little guy anywhere you go.

    I would definantly suggest the purchase of an extra battery or two, because once you get this little gem flying you are going to want to fly again and again.

    A very nice model to add to anyones collection, and of course it is a full house plane at just 15.7" of wing span.

    Happy flying.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    Re: SUKHOI SU-26M BNF Reviews

    Good Job
    A bit tricky at first so I turned the DR to 60% and it handles just fine. It has plenty of power and is stable with little to no wind.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by wright, rusty

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    Re: SUKHOI SU-26M BNF Reviews

    Ehh... Alright. I used it as my first 3D aircraft which was one too many steps ahead of my skill and I didn't master it before... the accident. It worked well. It was a very good aircraft for a Aerobatic RC Pilot.

    I did almost master it. I got a couple circles in my backyard before I lost control. Then... then this one day I was practicing and struggling... I crashed it into the snow. It was a moderate crash. Not a full throttle hammer head, but a ordinary crash. So, I figured it was getting close that the battery was killing, so I attempted to test the controls and go for a last flight. In doing so, The rudder and elevator jammed all the way to one side which I believe it shorted out. As simple as that... $100 down the drain for an airplane I owned for less than 5 days, flew no more than 10 times, and never mastered.

    So... I'm convincing my father to buy me another for when I'm "ready." Was a little disappointed, but it was my fault!
    P.S. I bought the Micro T-28 Trojan so look forward to another review in a month or so!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Foley, Ethan

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