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Thread: SU34 360 Thrust Vector ARF, Blue REviews

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    SU34 360 Thrust Vector ARF, Blue REviews

    SU-34 review from JLuc of Model Club Jonage, Rhône, France
    really excellent airplane I miss a star only because it is very fragile. take off and landing are very easy and this time the landing gear is really robust for a foam aircraft. It is really as announced possible to run in grass. I would like to have more space for the battery in order to be able to use a bigger lipo battery, indeed the flight time is short no more than 3 min even if I manage the throttle. I advise to buy a better quality lipo battery rated at min at 30C Personnaly I use for the moment a 3700ma 4S rhino lipo 20C. Very hot at the end of flight. I think It would scream with two 70mm HET EDF 6904 and 2w20 HET motor under two 3700mA 30C 4S lipo. The second battery between the engine nacelle as a ventral fuel can at the CG location. In this configuration each EDF can deliver 1kg trust, consider a total of 2 kg trust and probably the aircraft would no exceed 1,5kg. I am sure that the area loading will remain acceptable with this aircraft of 900mm wingspan. With kiss landing on asphalte runway I guess the landing gear will support the additional constraint but evidently the aircraft would not be as well as manoeuvring than with only the weight of one battery. Otherwise the real SU-34 is a bomber aircraft and not a fighter aircraft and the real one has no trust vectoring nozzle.

    It is a top product!!!

    JLuc from France (Lyon, Model Club Jonage)
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by thomas, jean-luc

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    Re: SU34 360 Thrust Vector ARF, Blue REviews

    su-34 review from JLuc of Model Club Jonage, Rhône, France
    very good product
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by thomas, jean-luc

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    Re: SU34 360 Thrust Vector ARF, Blue REviews

    WOW !
    I'm not a "5 star" type of guy. When I see a 5 star review I tend to be skeptically dismissive, however I can't honestly give this product a lesser rating and as for the folks at HL, they've earned my business many times over with some of the best customer service in the business. Enough raving.

    The SU-34 is a rock solid platform that can make even a hack like me think he's a much better pilot than he really is. The power and stability of the stock aircraft is such that I much prefer to have mine hand launched when there is another person available as ours is a grass field and the retracts although well implemented are after all the planes weakest link so saving them from unnecessary stress goes a long way towards preserving their ability to preform flawlessly on more suitable surfaces.

    Be sure that thrust vectoring (TV) is turned OFF during take-off as it's responsiveness to the TV has proven to be the undoing of many pilots while maidening . Once you've experienced the responsiveness and adjusted yourself to it's characteristics, this becomes less critical. The only other point of concern is time awareness. This aircraft sports two very well implemented 64mm EDFs that can run through a great deal of MAHs in a big hurry so throttle management and time awareness (set your timer) are going to be important.
    If push comes to shove and you find yourself needing to glide in take heart in knowing that the SU-34 has some of the best glide characteristics I've ever experienced.

    All in all with the TV OFF she's got tons of power, goes where you point her and tracks there until you change your mind. Once the TV is ON everything you thought you knew about flying will change, just make sure you have enough altitude and self control (don't panic) to get your mind around it once you flip the switch.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Polanco, Joe

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    Re: SU34 360 Thrust Vector ARF, Blue REviews

    Impressive SU-34
    Hi everybody,

    I am a French guy so excuse my english language. I am very satisfied with the SU-34. It is an amazing aircraft model, very efficient and flies very realistic. She has today about 15 flights and I never had serious problem with the undercarriage even after running in the grass after a too long landing (actually I am using an asphalt track). I find it very tough. I only have cristicism on excessive mechanical play on the main undercarriage at the level of the boggie carrying the dual wheels which tend to turn inward in the vertical plan but also have a play in the horizontal plan inducing the aircraft to not running in a straight line. I fixed in part that problem with a drop of superglue on the axis of the boggie followed by hard manipulation to retrieve its rotation on the leg. It helped a lot in reducing the play and not hampering the rotation of the boggie when raising the undercarriage.

    I forgot to mention a complaint about the disfunctionning of one of the ESC which forced me to change it with two HET 75A.

    it's worth to buy this impressive and very beautiful aircraft.

    have good flight!

    JLuc from Jonage, France
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by thomas, jean-luc

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