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Thread: SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

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    SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

    I received my Spitfire yesterday. I have not had a chance to take it up yet, however I will write an "at the field review" the first chance I get. The Spitfire arrived only 2 days after I ordered it. There was no damage to the box what so ever and the first thing I noticed before opening the package was the weight. Even in the shipping box, this plane weighs nothing at all. After opening the box, the first thing I saw was the wing and instructions. The instructions are very good. Almost all of the plane is built for you including control horns and servos installed. The main wing is huge. By this I mean very wide. Servos already in place and connected to the control horns. Simply charge the battery, install the horizontal stab, connect the clevis to the control horns, slid the landing gear into place and put the main wing on. The prop is 3 bladed and very big along with the nose cone. After this, you are ready for CG and control surface test. It is really simple and the result is a beautiful plane. There is even a pilot installed for you. The detail of this plane is beyond expectations for this price. Everything was packed nicely and tight with no damage at all. Even the decals are already in place. The radio system has a basic transmitter with servo reverse and is a 2.4 GHz. Overall, I am really impressed with the ease of build and quality of this plane. I did charge the battery and fire up the motor. It seems to have alot of power, but as soon as I get a chance to take it up, I will find out and let you know. So far, this plane passed all my expectations for the price. I am sure it will handle well. I have compared this with the Parkzone Spitfire which I own and this plane surpasses it in looks and weight. Hope this helps if you are considering this RTF. I will be flying it soon and hopefully I can write a good review on the maiden flight. Till then, Ya'll keep im straight up there.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Carmack, Cliff

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    Re: SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

    Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio
    Great buy! I have the art tech 'RTF' F4U corsair and P-51 mustang. This spitfire has had a few upgrades from the two by art tech.
    1.) Instead of the landing gear being glued on the wing, it is now firmly drilled entirely through the wing in its own casing.
    2.) The motor has a metal motor mount!
    3.)It has a snap on (magnet) battery compartment in which when taken off reveals the motor, mount, and fuselage. This was an ingenious design for motor maintenance and adjusting.
    There are a few other upgrades, but those where the most noticeable.

    Overall an excellent plane all around. I was able to almost bring it to a stop before it started to stall out, barrel rolls look beautiful. It may even be a little faster than the P-51. I will probably buy another one in the future as long as hobby-lobby does not raise the price. They also should start making these in a receiver ready version.
    P.S - I did not just write a good review on this plane

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    Re: SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

    Spitfire Vs Spitfire
    I already owned a ParkZone Spitfire,when Hobby-Lobby offered this model. I think it is far superior to the Parkzone. Much more molded-in detail on the wings. Nice landing gear. Great control surfaces, with large area and long throw. There's a plastic horseshoe that connects left and right elevators, and gives the off-side fin more effect. Powerful engine. Beautifly painted and decorated. I had to carve a few mm's of foam off the nose, so the prop would clear,and the nylon screws holding the wing on were not as good as on their Mustang...the metal nuts pulled out of the foam. In contrast, the ParkZone is 3 channels (ailerons rather than rudder), and the covering split down the back after 30 minutes in the sun in MARCH. For the money, THIS is the better buy over the ParkZone.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Stewart, John

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    Re: SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

    Spitfire RTF with 2.4 GHz Radio
    As one who has been building and flying models since the early 1950's I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when I ordered the Spitfire RTF. I told myself that while the plane itself was probably a poor quality and throw away piece of foam, at least I'd have a battery, a 2.4 GHz radio, some servos and an electric motor that I could use on other projects. I could not have been more wrong. The model is outstanding in every way. The packaging is both attractive and functional. The instructions which guide you step by step through the minimal assembly required for this model were well done and easily understood. Best of all, the completed model is remarkably scale-like in appearance with a host of scale details that will attract a lot of attention at the flying field. Flight performance, as one might expect from a model of this type, is outstanding but this is probably not a good choice for someone totally new to RC flying. All in all, the qualify of fit, finish, and performance makes this model an extraordinary value for the money and the resulting plane is one that I am proud to own.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Owen, Dean

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    Re: SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

    Art-techs planes are marginal at best. This plane, the corsair and p51 mustang are all basically the same. Fairly cheap models that don't assemble well. They're all made of regular Styrofoam and are not crash friendly at all. A moderately hard landing with shear the long motor shaft right off and pulverize the foam. Buy Park Zone planes instead. Priced similar and a much more durable planes with an array of available parts.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by The Pizza Guy

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    Re: SPITFIRE RTF Reviews

    Art tech vs Parkzone
    We have both the Parkzone T-28 and the Art tech Spitfire. I much more prefer the detail and dense foam of the Art Tech over the Parkzone Plane. Seeing that the Art Tech Spitfire is a Christmas gift for my son I cannot speak about flight performance yet but the Art Tech is 4 channels which in my mind makes it better than the three channel Parkzone Spitfire. I have crashed the Parkzone T-28 hard and the foam splinters into pieces and the parts are expensive also, the good thing about Parkzone planes is that they can repaired from parts at local hobby stores, both companies make high end foamies IMO. Art Tech planes come with their own 2.4 Ghz transmitter and receiver for less than the cost of a Parkzone plane without a transmitter and receiver, both are built in China so I'm not sure what makes one cost more than the other.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Blanding, Alan

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