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    Spektrum DX5e Transmitter bundled with Spektrum AR5500 Receiver
    I recently bought one of these bundles since they recently came into stock. Today I ordered a second one for my Dad because he comes with me and flies his sailplane with a old clunker radio that is not worth the aggravation. When I ordered this one, Hobby Lobby were already down to very few..( I all most got the last one until more arrive). This bundle is excellent the Receiver sells for 59.99 on the same page and you get with the bundle you get them both for a steal 99.99.
    This is a much nicer transmitter than I normally see bundled with 299 to 499 RTF WARBIRDS AND 3D PLANES. It definitely beats the heck out of the competition even though they boast a sixth channel, to me the others in this price range are cheap feeling and not made in the same case material as the higher priced transmitter/radios by futaba. When I hold the Spektrum it has the same look and feel as Spektrums DX7 and higher priced radios. I like the way this radio is balanced and feels much better. The sticks feel like DX7 or very similar. This has the DSM2 technology which I already love and it works like they say it will. The receiver you get is not junk. It is in fact built similar to its costly pals, it's made like all of the other Spektrum Receivers with similar configs. When I noticed the separate sale of the receiver beside the bundle ad for the radio and the 5 channel AR5500 SPORT RECEIVER, I noticed that receiver when purchased separately SELLS FOR 5X.99 right NOW. You get both the transmitter DX5e and the Sport Receiver 5ch for 99.99 if you buy them bundled. The two bind like a pro radio, not a hiccup. No starting over and over trying to get it to beep the right beeps, arrrgghhh that, is aggravating....It definitely has Long range transmit and receiving no problems, no signal skipping. Oh this comes as a Mode 2 (typical) config for Transmitter's sticks this advertised bundle. You can get it Mode one or without the receiver but why not get a receiver for (all most) free. I pop in some fresh AA's and I am ready to fly, no charging to use the DX5e. Jet in hand with DX5e on my waist, LiPo's to go, I am out the is perfecto on east coast USA! You too should be flying!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Sam and his fatcat

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    very good but...
    the price is realy to hight compare to other store but it is a good full channels . personnaly i thing they can do a great deal specially for the newbies and come whit a radio 5 channels radio with new AR500 5-channel full-range sport receiver. Includes AA Alkaline batteries and a batterie pak that is rechargeble. this as a good price that peoples will know the quality of your merchadise. FUTABA and HITEC did it and the peoples around the world have a lot of respect for those compagnies your product is realy good got to put a bait are as i said normaly give some candies.
    but dont mistjuge me i have the 7 channel and the five channel wish i ad the 6 channels instade of the 5 one

    internet site

    thank you
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by dupuis, eddy

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