EDF for F4 are you sure?
Originally I ordered a different fan and was sent this as a a replacement. Both times I was trying to get a EDF replacement for my F4 Phantom Jet. It originally had (stock) a 70mm setup. This fan housing has a hole drilled in the side of it (look closely at pic and you will see it) and comes with a fan rotor. The hole is supposed to be there so you can use tools to get to the motor and or rotor easily. My stock fan did not have this hole and I don't like it at all. It is useless as far as using tools through it (blindly). The parts that come with this fan rotor are unfortunately not 3mm as needed for the original stock motor. I am not sure what this fan is for but it sure isn't a replacement for my stock 70mm fan that came in my jet and will not tighten the rotor. In fact its far from getting a tight fit ( I have the parts assembled correctly to attach the rotor). The parts must be for a 5 mm shaft I was very disappointed in the way this was handled by HL. It was my second order with HL and both orders were over 100 bucks. I still have this useless fan and after a minimum of 15 phone calls and sighs of aggrivation from customer service getting as tired of talking to me as I was them, I gave up, so I guess I am stuck with it. I still have the fan unused and sitting in a box. Have yet to get the correct fan for my jet, but I will. FC
I give this product 2 stars. Review by fatcat