Great little charger
I bought two of these units in December 2009 and they have seen almost daily usage and work great. There are only 6 charge rates to choose from but I've found this to be a non-issue. For example, it takes a little longer to charge a 1300 mAh battery at 1000 mA but I'm charging two at the same time. I bought these when they were on sale and for the price I just couldn't pass them up. I only wish I had bought four instead of just two.

They have been completely reliable. I check the battery pack voltage frequently right after a charge and it is right around 12.55 volts after being taken off of the charger.

The LED's show status: Charging, Charged, and whether it is in constant current or constant voltage mode. Other than that, not much info; it's just a nice, simple to use, basic charger for Lipo's. I have a Prodigy II that I use in conjunction with these two units and I use that if I need to discharge, cycle, etc. I wanted to have at least three chargers so I could charge three batteries at the same time and these are perfect. I didn't want to shell out $200 or more to get two more full-house chargers.

Consequently, this is the same unit that Thunder Power sells, it just has a different label. I've compared them side-by-side and they are identical right down to the circuit board and components.

Bottom line: They're great, I plan on buying two more at some point.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mark, Steve