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Thread: Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF Reviews

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    Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF Reviews

    SeniorTelemaster Plus
    I am rating this review as a 5 star, but it is not just the airplane, but the support group as well. I think I may be one of the first few to order the "Senior Plus". When the item arrived, it got here as scheduled. The first thing as always, I did an inventory on the parts. Everything was there, even some extra things which I could not firure out where there went. The packing was for the most part good, except for the tail feathers. The bag that contained the elevators, rudder, and control surfaces for each was just flopping around. Also the wing struts had come loose from the tape holding them down. Some how all of this caused the left aileron control to be broken in 3 places on the trailing edge. As on the old telemaster, the instruction booklet leaves alot to be desired. Trying to figure out where all of the parts go was really confusing. I am glad that I know how to figure screw sizes. After taking invenory of the parts, I had to call support to find out where the extra parts go. I reached support, and got a call back quite fast, compared to some of the other large hobby shops. It seems that being one of the first few to buy the " Plus", it took some checking up to find the answer to some of my questions. All of my questions were answered,and people even had to go to the warehouse and open up a new box. I happened to get one of the proto-type planes, and it was set up for several different configurestions. When they found out about the broken aileron, I had a new one in 3 days. Hobby-Lobby makes it easy to work with, and they do their best to get you into air asap. The " Plus" is quite different from the old Senior Telemaster, but if it holds true, "Nothing fly's like a Telemaster."
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Uding, Tom

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF Reviews

    My First Telemaster
    Got my new Tele Plus on Friday. I was immediately impressed with the construction of the fuselage. Light but appears to be very strong. Looks like a carbon fiber rod running the length of the fuse on both sides. The covering is bubble and wrinkle free and the design is well done. It came with two bottom hatch doors, one apparently is to hold a camera. The instructions do not mention it, so no clue as to which camera model or brand will fit. The area behind the bottom hatch is huge. I plan to use it for candy drops and a video platform.
    I am going to power with a G20 gas that will require me to modify the firewall and remove the front cheeks to clear the carb and muffler. I am currently researching some type of cowling to clean up the front end.

    So far the only thing I plan not to use are the wheels.Cheesey hard foam and one of the wheels does not look to be round. The wheel collars have Phillips screws instead of a hex head. A kit this expensive should have better wheels and hardware. The rest of the control hardware looks great.
    Will report back when I have it in the air.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hall, Dale

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF Reviews

    Needs a little more love from the factory
    Out of the box the left aileron was smashed. Called hobby-lobby and they ask for me to ship it back. I declined because I wasn't going to pay another $40 dollars for shipping. Everyone else gets the plane for $400 dollars and I have to pay $440. Didn't seem fair. I pulled the coating back off the aileron and repaired it myself. Wings went together pretty easy. It looks good if you can slow the servos down for the flaps. I have mine set to 10 seconds. Next I continued to build the tail. I didn't care for the flimsy control horns for the tail, so I threw them away and replaced them with a single pole by Debro. While building the tail I noticed that the tail wheel hole on the rudder was about 1 inch to far north. I aligned it up and drilled a hole in the correct spot. Next I started installing the motor. The blind nuts on the back of the firewall are pretty weak and I ended up stripping two of them. I just used nuts behind the blind nuts and I feel a lot better about that. Overall I think it could be manufacture with a little more care and I find it funny that most of the hardware is awesome but them some junk was thrown into the mix. On a final not the tail wheel is really nice and I love the turnbuckle linkage. The plane will go up on its maiden this Saturday and I should have a youtube vid up by Sunday.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by McGehee, William

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF Reviews

    Second Review(Senior Plus)
    OK. Here we go. As you can see by my first review, that I had an aileron issue, that the support people took care of right away. As I started to put the plane together, I saw that the fuse was a good clean strong build, and the covering had no wrinkles at all. Getting into the building, I found that the tail feathers did not work as good as they looked. As was mentioned in one of the other reviews, the tail wheel did not fit without doing some modifacition. The U connector for the elevator, did not fit and I had to make a new one. while I was doing some CA work I spilled some alcohol on the rudder and all of the decals desolved. I'm waiting for some calm weather so that I can Maidien fly the Plus.I have 2 Seniors of which one is a Plus, and I am waiting to see if they all fly alike. The Plus is powered by an 80 Rimfire, swinging a 13x8 prop. My other one is just a Senior powered by an 80 Rimfire, ecept it is swinging a 14x7 prop.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Uding, Tom

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    Re: Senior Telemaster Plus, ARF Reviews

    I've had my ST Plus for about 3 months flying with an OS .91 FS. ( I know, overkill)! I take off on about 3/4 power and fly around on 1/4 power settings.

    The only problem I had with the building was lining up the wing tube to drill the holes. Everything else fitted well and the plane fly like a dream. It is the closest to flying a real airplane with no bad habits at all. I have an old style radio, with no mixing, and I manually trim down elevator before hitting the flap knob.

    Peeking inside the cavernous fuse shows how well the plane is constructed; very light, but very strong! The only thing I do not like is the method of installing the wing struts before flight. I will modify that soon to avoid interfering with the LG every time I do this.

    I plan on building a gig on the fuselage top to carry a glider a' la space shuttle. I may need to build two vertical fins on the tips of the horizontal stab as the glider will shield the fin and rudder before launch.

    Oh, and with the .91 at 1/4 throttle, I can fly for 35 minutes then make a powered landing with some fuel to spare!!

    Uncle Cap.

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