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Thread: RCM Funster Telemaster ARF Reviews

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    RCM Funster Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Telemaster of Low-Wing ARFs
    The original RCM Funster was introduced in the 60's as a low-wing trainer. The design was basically an upside-down Telemaster with a turtledeck. It should come as no surprise then that the Funster flies very much like a Telemaster.

    The modern Hobby Lobby Funster ARF is a big improvement on the old RCM design. All the parts are expertly precovered in a highly visible yellow and red trim scheme, the framework has been lightened and set up for brushless electric powered flight, the wing is now two-piece with an aluminum tube joiner, and the flaps make takeoffs and landings a joy.

    The seven-page manual is adequate for experienced builders, but Newbies will need to get a little help. To my surprise, all of the surfaces were not only hinged, but the hinges were glued in place - a great time saver. The wing is a bolt together assembly which saves even more time.

    Only problem with my build was the nose wheel wire had the flat filed in the wrong place. I changed the rudder horn location to allow a straighter nose wheel steering hookup. The rest of the build was a piece of cake.

    In addition to the normal flight functions, I programmed in a CROW configuration for STOL performance. I reflexed both ailerons up about 15 degrees when the flaps were at full extension. This has the effect of adding washout to the wingtips at full flaps and it makes the Funster almost impossible to stall.

    The tricycle gear make this plane a joy to takeoff and land. The flaps really shorten the takeoff roll and slow down the landings. The CROW setting makes for some short (less than 10') takeoff rolls. The Funster will fly loops and rolls and stall turns with ease, but it doesn't like inverted flight very well. It's more fun to fly it upright anyway.

    I highly recommend this plane for beginners who are just staring out and for advanced fliers that need something relaxing to fly now and then.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by McDougall, Mike

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    Re: RCM Funster Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Fantastic- best balsa plane Ive ever flown
    Don't know why this went bargain hanger. this is one of the nicest building and flying planes I have ever owned. Flies fast or AMAZINGLY sow . flaps are awesome. plane looks so golden era. It is HUGE which makes it very easy to fly. If you have ever seen a telemaster senior it flies the same. Lifting wings in front AND back. Get this plane b4 its gone. you will love it , the best balsa plane I have ever owned- (20 years and 34 Planes later) still in love with this plane. recommended parts all make your first flight a sure thing.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by runnels, chris

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    Re: RCM Funster Telemaster ARF Reviews

    The Funster is one of the most relaxing airplanes I own. It never fails to impress the folks at the flying field. It takes off in just a few feet and flies at a nice pace. I can take it up high, power off and glide it around as though it was a glider or power up and fly it down low and do consecutive rolls right down on the deck. Best of all, the Funster makes me look good while I'm flying it because it is so easy to fly.

    Here is a link to the review of the Funster:

    I highly recommend this easy flying "upside down" Telemaster for your next project.

    Mike McD
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by McDougall, Mike

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    Re: RCM Funster Telemaster ARF Reviews

    The Funster was my first kit (20 years ago). Still the best plane I have.
    Slow flight is just fantastic.

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Goncalves, Henrique

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