Good Micro Prop
I used to have a micro Albatros biplane and the motor died during its' 29th flight. Due to unavailability of parts for the Albatros, I ended up putting a Micro Stik motor, motor mount and prop on it after grinding out the motor area and gear clearance with a Dremil tool.

This prop pulled the Albatros through the air about 33% faster (and better) than the original prop that comes on the Albatros. This prop has a larger swing so you need to be careful to flare when landing on asphalt.

The Micro Stik and Albatros props are not interchangeable so you can't just put one on the biplanes' gear shaft and expect it to work. You have to change out the entire motor mount, motor and gear shaft that comes on the Micro Stik airplane and it's quite a job to do the conversion. But, when parts aren't available for the Albatros and you want it to fly again, what else can you do but improvise.

BTW, it's a fantastic prop for the Micro Stik too... since that's the airplane it was designed for!

I have 2 Micro Stiks and have even clipped the prop tips almost square when they've burred up from asphalt landings with no discernable loss of performance. If it ever starts slipping on the shaft, just put a dab of CA glue on the shaft and press the prop back on.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Smith, Randy