My Preferred Connectors
I like these connectors because they are solderless and only need to be crimped. The contacts are self cleaning every time they are plugged together. Crimping can be done with the standard red handle, three slot sized crimper from the local electronics "shack". A more expensive crimper that only releases after a "full" crimp is available from A soldered conn. can oftentimes be less conductive than a simple crimp, unless you are very good at soldering. Powerpoles can handle a good bit of current and may even be shortened (cut at the side dimple w/razor saw). These also make it simple to gang same capacity packs in series to make larger packs for bigger motors. Powerpoles take less force to plug in than the Deans style,another reason I prefer these. The silver-plate contacts are solder ready if you prefer.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hall, Victor