Police Helicam RTF
Flew right out of the box. Installed a 2GB micro SD card, charged the on board battery, installed batteries in transmitter and away it went. Very touchy on the throttle (collective), can be flown easily using the trim switch rather than the stick. All other controls a smooth. If one follows the instructions first time fliers should have minimal problems. I pulled into a hover and flew for over 4 minutes before setting it down the first time. Granted over 20 years flying on helicopters as a flight engineer was a help as was my RealFlight Flying Model Simulator. The Blade AX in the simulator is very similar but much less responsive than the Police Helicam. The video is much better quality than my older FlyCamOne Ver 2 that I have been using on my electric fixed wing aircraft.
Only one problem, skids are a bit on the flimsy side. They can take a bounce from a couple of feet up but go much higher and drop it and you need to have the super glue or 5 minute epoxy ready. All in all I am happy with purchase and am enjoying the flights. Also, about an hour and half to recharge the battery for a 10 or 11 minute flight. A spare battery pack may be in order.
I give this product 4 stars. Review by Moore, Sam