Pito 19 Glider - very poor instructions
The main instructions are in German and the English version is very difficult to follow for beginners. A "supplement" instruction with extra parts comes with the box that makes no sense AFTER you follow the main instructions. Wings are fragile, my kids broke one side during opening; another piece also cracked easily before we assembled it. I have somehow managed to tape/glue the parts together. You almost need to be an engineers to understand the complicated drawings. Final assembly is NOT shown! Thanks to Hobby-lobby for a picture on the web site to at least see how it is supposed to look!

My first attempts at gliding have failed miserably; maybe I will get better at it later. You can spend the $20-$30 on something else that your kid can actually play out of the box -- avoid this toy.
I give this product 1 stars. Review by Karkare, Milind