Boy, what a rush!
First off, I don't know why Hobby Lobby has quit selling this excellent airplane... unless Kyosho doesn't make it any more. If that's so I'm screwed when it comes to finding parts for it when I "ding" it up! I finally got a chance to fly mine and I have nothing but praises for this little 3 channel J3 Cub. It has more power than I figured could be packed into its' small airframe. The brushless motor that comes preinstalled has power to spare. It also comes with a full sized 2.4 Ghz radio transmitte, unlike some other "park flyers".

It flies just like a real J3 Cub in that the tail plane comes off the ground first when taking off and when landing it acts like the real thing again because it acts like it doesn't want to land. It just wants to keep on flying like a real Piper J3 Cub!

For the sake of us newbies out here... I hope Hobby Lobby finds a way to keep this little jewel in stock.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Smith, Randy