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Thread: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

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    P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    P-51 Mustang
    I love to fly my P-51 Mustang it does just what you ask of it . On a windy day just pull the wheels off and belly land. This was my first R.C. plane from Hobby Lobby . I have bought three other..,but the P-51 MUSTANG is still my favorite!! Thanks guys for the MUSTANG!!!! Dave
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Abella, David

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    Art-Techs P-51D Mustang
    I recently purchased this plane on the words of someone I've never met before and he reassured me that I could fly the wings off of this plane,even from somebody as green as myself, I've been using a flight simulator on my computer with no real flight time to speak of at all. Upon opening the box I was amazed at the simplicity of the kit,by following the instructions I was able to have the plane together in less than ten minutes,in less than three hours the battery was charged and I was headed to the field. I followed the instructions again to make sure the plane was set to fly and made my final adjustments. I opted to hand launch the plane while giving it a little up elevator and was pleasantly surprised to see it start climbing away from me,in less time it took me to blink I was flying my Mustang. The low speed agility of this plane combined with the high lift wing allows for beautiful slow and controlled maneuvers all the while staying stable, landing is as easy as ever,the center of gravity already built into the plane allows for professional looking and landings and take offs,the speed of this plane will allow it to take off in less than fifty feet of runway however. By and by the general overview of this plane is such, scaled realism,simple to construct,ease of flight and easy on your wallet or pocket book, the best bang for your buck you'll ever get with a r/c plane...
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Shirey Jr., Michael T.

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    Art-Tech P-51D Mustang
    Have had this P-51 for almost a year now. My first 4 channel. I landed in tall grass for a while until I learned to fly. I have 3 battery's and used all three each time I flew which was about 3 or 4 times a week until it got cold. Only broke 3 props the entire time and batteries are still like new. A lot of fun to fly but landing on blacktop road as I do is still a little hard to do. It took me a couple of times it the air to feel comfortable flying.
    Good airplane and brushless system makes it very smooth.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Porter, Blake

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    A value-packed P-51!
    As a young boy I caught on to my father's fascination with World War II aviation early on. I pored over books on the subject, and while nearly all of the aircraft of that era interested me, none fired my imagination like the P-51. My grandfather, a pilot with Ferry Command during the war, stoked the flames with his story of "checking out" a P-51 to take it for a spin (something that could never happen in today's military aviation). He described it as a very hot aircraft. The big 4 bladed prop and exhaust stacks effused the raw power of its Merlin engine. Impressive enough, but when coupled with an airframe so aerodynamically clean it boosted the Mustang's efficiency enough to reach the Soviet Union from England, the result was nothing short of magic. The Mustang bested nearly every opponent it met, and did it over hostile territory during long hours. It made daylight strategic bombing feasible, and rightfully claimed much of the credit for bringing Hitler's mighty Luftwaffe to heel. Oh, if only I could fly one someday!

    Fast forward to today. A teacher with two small children, I'm extremely fortunate to see the real deal; flying one is out of the question. I don't have the disposable income for a large, complex R/C model. Still, I've realized my dream of flying a P-51 through Art-Tech's P-51D. What amazes me about this little plane is how well it strikes its balance between looks, user-friendliness, performance and value. Put it together, place it on some wet concrete, take a black-and-white photo from three or four feet away and you'll swear the photo was taken at an air base in England. Possessed with ample power for big, round loops, tight rolls and even inverted flight, this P-51 makes me look like a much better RC pilot than I am. Quiet electric RC power means I can hone my skills (and wow small crowds) at the local park and not have to drive thirty miles to an RC airfield. The high lift wing allows this bird to slow nicely for landings. Since I fly over (and land on) grass, I fly wheels off. My father swore there'd be no way to belly land without breaking the prop. I stunned him by bringing her in at a crawl and stopping the prop a couple feet before landing so softly I hardly bent a blade of grass. My first aileron plane (if you don't count a little simulator experience), the Art-Tech P-51D has proven very forgiving of my mistakes. It surprises me how far it can climb straight up before stalling, indicating a good power to weight ratio. Sure, nicer P-51s are out there, but certainly not for under $200.

    I've found three little warts on this plane. The first is that the fit of the horizontal stabilizer could be tighter. It wobbled rather too much for my liking when I operated the elevator, but wasn't a hard problem to solve with a little epoxy. The second is the transmitter. It has a rather toy-like appearance and feel. The third is the charger-the connection between the power cord and charger isn't very solid. These problems may be corrected on the newer 2.4 GHz plane, mine is the old 72 MHz model.

    Bottom line: I've scoured the internet, and I simply cannot find a RTF P-51 anywhere else that so artfully blends ease of use, performance, scale looks and value.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Richard, Edouard

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    Sweet p-51
    this is a sweet plane! really realistic! great radio great parts great electronics! really cheap too! i put on steerable gear and it taxis sweet! might come a little nose heavy so adjust the speed control position.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by alex

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    Anyone can fly? I think not.
    Its a beautiful model, I can't take that away from it. For the cost its a bargain. I had the 72 MHz model. First time I flew this model I wrecked it. The very first time. Its a very fast plane when stepping up from an Easy star. This plane is very unstable, the wings dip with the slightest touch of the ailerons and before you know it you're doing rolls when you don't want to. I even adjusted the flaps to have the least travel to be the most forgiving and it didn't make a difference. So i rebuilt it costing me almost 100 bucks in parts (New fuselage, new tail and rudder, new prop, even a new motor since it snapped the shaft right off!) Its not a crash friendly durable plane at all. The foam is cheap and flimsy, not durable like a multiplex Elapor foam. So the next attempt the same exact thing happened, it rolled and crashed. I'm using the electronics to build something more stable like a sail/sport plane. If you're fairly new to RC and you don't have a lot of experience with Aileron planes, don't waste your money unless you wanna stare at it on your living room floor. Buy something like a glider style with ailerons, i wish i did. It simply is NOT a mustang anyone can fly.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by ThePizzaGuy

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    the best P-51 RTF on the market
    This is an awesome aircraft to fly! great scale detail and design, powerful motor and esc. This airplane with just about climb straight up from your hand, yet easy and smooth when landing . You have got to have it!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rowell, Frank

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    The best P-51 RTF on the market
    This is an awesome aircraft, powerful motor and esc, great scale and appearance. flys like a dream. It will almost jump straight up out of your hand yet gentle in landing . A must to own if you love warbirds.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rowell, Frank

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    Art Tech P-51D Mustang
    The notion that ANYONE can fly this plane may not be accurate, but anyone with some EXPERIENCE shouldn't have much problem. I made the mistake of buying the P-51D as my first aircraft and had no RC flight experience whatsoever. I was able to achieve controlled flight before I did any major damage, but inexperience did lead to catastrophic results within the first half-dozen sorties. Parts were readily available and rebuilding was a snap (as was the original assembly) thanks to a glue-free design. The brushless outrunner and four-bladed prop provide ample power for most aerobatics, but inverted flight continues to be somewhat awkward due to a COG that is not quite right. Fear not though, outside of being inverted, this aircraft is quite maneuverable and fairly predictable. As with any foamie, wind above 5 kts should be avoided! The battery compartment has ample space for larger batteries too. Ground handling is not very easy at slow speeds because there is no tail-wheel steering, but once the aircraft is rolling at a fair rate, the rudder provides some controllabilty, just remember to give it some nose-up or else this bird will nose-over in a heartbeat. This also holds true for landings. Don't even try a grass-takeoff or landing with the wheels attached. With the odd COG, lack of tail-wheel steering and nose-heavy tenancies aside, this is a great addition to anyone's collection. For the money, this one is hard to beat! Just listen to it howl when it's in a 90-degree nose dive and you will fall in love!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hicks, Corey

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    Re: P-51D MUSTANG RTF 2.4GHZ Reviews

    Art-Tech P-51
    This was my 1st purchase from HL. I have about 6 flights on this plane and I'm very happy with it. It's relatively easy to fly and hand launches with ease. I fly the bird stock and it has more than adequate power and appears to fly at a speed close to scale. I have no plans to modify it since there is no need. There are a few very informative threads on the internet with a lot of info on flying and modifying etc...but again...there's really no need to modify the plane. It slows down very nice for landings and has not stalled on me yet. My only complaint is that it will nose over on a grass landing. Its doesn't hurt the plane but just kind of looks funny! I have observed the plane has very little slop on the control surfaces which says alot. As a static model its also very appealing...the rivets add to the realism and the picture of Marilyn Monroe on the front is a nice touch. There truly was some thought put into the design of this plane. Combine all of these features with ample spare parts available from Hobby Lobby and you have a pretty good deal!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Rafeld, Douglas

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