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Thread: P-51 MUSTANG "MARIE" ARF Reviews

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    P-51 MUSTANG "MARIE" ARF Reviews

    Really Neat Flyer
    I found this kit to be a very easy assemble and get to fly asap. The control was good and it handled the wind better than most ARF's. The battery life could be longer, but that's solved by having two additional batteries on hand. It really looks COOL in the air and gets lots of comments on the dressed-out look it has right out of the box. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys warbirds and doesn't have the time to balsa build a Real Scale gas flyer. I have just as much fun with this as with the large gas powered planes.
    Enjoy your Fly Time ....
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Janusz, Greg

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    Re: P-51 MUSTANG "MARIE" ARF Reviews

    Alpha P51D
    I purchased this Alpha P-51 from Hobby Lobby at the WRAMS show in New York. It was my first Alpha ARF and I was impressed both with the fit and finish but I was really surprised with just how detailed a foam model could be. I used the recommended motor and prop as I have found that Hobby Lobby does considerable research and testing on their recommended components. The out runner was smooth and combined with the recommended 9/7 prop, provides sufficient thrust to launch with a simple hand toss.
    I liked the installed pushrods and it was a simple matter to install the two light servos for aileron and elevator control. Pay attention to the use of joiner tubing to mate the two aileron pushrods at the control horn. Be certain the servo is electronically centered before gluing the tubing. There is no rudder servo on this model nor is it needed. However, if you are into knife edge and stall turns, it could easily be added.
    While the battery hatch appears to be weak, it has never come off in flight. Use Velcro to mount the lipo battery and use the two dimples on the underside of the wing to locate the proper balance point. Alpha makes this very easy and it is comforting to know these light planes are properly balanced especially during the first hand launch.
    In the air, this plane is very stable and feels like a much larger and heavier sport plane. The Mustang is an all time favorite for modelers and this one will generate lots of interest at your flying field. Mine has well over a hundred “sorties” and it looks as good as day one!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bednarz, Joseph

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    Re: P-51 MUSTANG "MARIE" ARF Reviews

    P-51 Mustang
    I have had my Alfa P-51 Mustang for some time now and really enjoy flying this airplane. I set it up the way Hobby Lobby said and the power is awesome. It is one of the best flying machines in my fleet of warbirds. Not only is it a great flying airplane but it is also easy to repair if you have a mishap. Just repair it with some 5 minute epoxy and your ready to get back in the air. I would recommend this airpalne to anyone with the skills to handle a warbird of this level.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bailey, George

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