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    Love the Jug!
    For any warbird fan, the p-47D Razorback is a must have for your hanger and the Alpha model of this famous warbird is a thing of beauty. The Alpha model is a spot on reproduction of this legendary plane and is a very easy plane to fly, which seems to be the hallmark of all Alpha planes, at least that has been true of the six different Alpha models that I have owned or flown.
    From the time my shipment arrived until the first flight was only a couple of days, and that's because I took my time in the assembly.At the time I bought my Jug, I purchased the modelers combo that came with everything I needed and then some. My hats off to the folks at Hobby Lobby as they really know their stuff when it comes to making things easy for us to be able to enjoy our hobby. I have since upgraded to a Spectrum Dx6i radio and receiver, but everything else is still original and still works and flies like it just came out of the box even though the plane has over 50 flights on it as of this writing.
    The plane tracks very well , goes where you point it, and will do all the maneuvers asked of an aileron plane. It's extremely stable and the stall is very predictable. With the supplied motor, you never have to worry about not having enough power. Like the real thing, its got power to spare. Flight times are long, I average 15 - 20 minutes flight time on mine and landings are as gentle as a summer breeze, with the plane slowing down to almost a crawl for landing. The pre-painted molded foam body is well designed and will take some rough landing ground and still come back for more. Once again, Alpha has done a magnificent job of reproducing a great looking scale ship with wonderful flight characteristics and everyone who has seen it or flown it at the field, loves the Jug!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hendry, Alan

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    The Jug!!!
    I had wanted to add a P-47 Thunderbolt to my hangar for quite some time and when Hobby Lobby had the Alfa P-47 Razorback ARF on sale I saw my chance. This was my first Alfa model and I had read nothing but good remarks about Alfa models in the various RC forums. My P-47 arrived double boxed and well packaged. I opened the box and everything was secure, undamaged, and accounted for. The written instructions were a little difficult to understand due to wording (perhaps due to translation), but the exploded view drawing helped tremendously and it looks good as a poster in my son's room.
    Assembling the P-47 is very straight forward and except for a slight modification to the cowling for my choice of engine, required very little of my time. It is simply a matter of installing two servos, rigging the flight controls, installing radio, ESC, engine, and balance and you are ready to fly. The aircraft balanced right on the CG as stated in the instructions with the 1250 mAH LiPo battery placed at the aft end of the battery trey, and flight controls were set to recommended throws. Now it is time to fly!
    The first flight of the Alfa P-47 for me was nothing but pure enjoyment. At 1/2 throttle the plane nearly flew out of my hand and climbed out smoothly. This aircraft will go where you point it and with the authority. Rolls can be as quick or as scale as you want them to be and loops are not a problem. It required very little trim for hands off flying at 1/2 throttle which is about all I needed for this plane to fly well. At full throttle the P-47 simply screams through the air and it slows down well. Landing the P-47 is easy, just ease off of the power, let it settle in, but give it plenty of room as this bird loves to glide.
    The Alfa P-47 is one of the best flying aircraft I have in my hangar, bar none. It looks great and flies better. You can't go wrong with this airplane and I would defiantly recommend it to anyone looking for a great ARF parkflyer.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mckibben, Kenneth

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    Alfa P-47
    I have wanted to have a P-47 in my hangar for a long time and when Hobby Lobby had the Alfa P-47 Razorback ARF on sale, I jumped on it. I was very impressed with how well the aircraft was packaged with everything secure and in place. All parts and pieces were accounted for along with an instruction manual and a cool exploded view assembly drawing that made a great poster in my son's room. The written instructions were a little difficult to understand at times due to wording (I assumed it was due to translation) however, if you have assembled ARFs before you can interpret them just fine.
    Assembly is fairly straight forward simply installing the two servos, ESC, motor, and receiver. The cowling required only some minor modifications to allow clearance for the brushless motor I chose to install, other than that assembly was accomplished within a few hours.
    With the aircraft assembled, balanced, and battery charged it was time for the first flight. With 1/2 throttle and a firm toss the P-47 was airborne and climbing out smoothly. I noticed no bad tendencies on climb out and the airplane flies like it is on rails. With my chosen power system I can fly most of the flight on 1/4 to 1/2 throttle only going to full power for a short time. There was very little trim needed to fly hands off at cruise and it will loop and roll from level all day long. Landing the P-47 is a easy as backing off of the throttle, and letting it settle in. Be prepared to give it some room though as it does love to glide and just wants to stay in the air.
    You can not go wrong with this airplane! It is by far one of the most fun aircraft I have flown or own to this date. I take it with me every time I go out to fly and it instantly became my go-to airplane. It is very reliable, looks good flying, and very well made. Kudos to Alfa, I am looking forward to your Me-109.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mckibben, Kenneth

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    P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback by Alfa
    The P-47 Razorback was the first from Alfa Models that I have and it is a great flying airplane. It was very easy to build thanks to the pre-installed push rods and control horns. I set mine up just the way Hobby Lobby recommended and I must say it has plenty of power to do almost anything you want. This is not a beginner airplane. I would recommend the P-47 Razorback to anyone with good flying skills. It can also be flown in light to moderate winds with no problems. Landings are very gentle with a little up elevator and she will slide right in. Have fun flying yours, I do mine.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bailey, George

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