This is the best on board starter I have ever owned. Installation was easy for me. I have been in the hobby for over 38 years. I think almost anyone with average skills can install one of these units. It does require relocating the engine mount because you install your engine on the supplied rails. This engine starter assembly is what you mount on your original engine mount. I have had other systems that did not mount this way. They required above average skills and tools to get their system working. The FEMA system is as close to fool proof as you can get. I have friends who have the starter on Zenoah engines and these units bolt on the rear of your engine. The only requirement for this type of installation is to have enough clearance behind your engine. There is nothing like having a model that will start by remote. It is awesome to be able to stop and restart in flight. I have even installed one of these starter in my friends model. He is in a wheelchair and cannot start any of his own models except for this one. Buy one you will love it.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Lepkowski, Richard