Nanolite receiver
I love experimenting and sharing my experiences with other modelers. For others to be able to relate to my hobby adventures, I limit my projects to easily acquired over-the-counter products. There are all kinds of micro/light products from small importers and manufacturers, but this super-light receiver from a well known company (Spektrum) and distributor (Hobby Lobby) is something that anyone can buy.

I like flying all kinds of model airplanes, but very light indoor models have always presented a special challenge. Every few grams saved lowers wing-loading, which lowers stall-speed, which means a model airplane can fly slower; always good for an indoor model.

I bought this receiver when it was first available. I didn't buy the Spektrum servos that have the proper connectors for this receiver, because at about 6 grams each, it kind of defeated the purpose of using a 2-gram receiver. I soldered proper connectors on another brand of 3-gram servos, and installed them in an older model (that was sold years ago by Hobby Lobby), a Rare Bear indoor pylon racer. With a new tiny brushless motor, this Nano receiver, the 3-gram servos and a small 2-cell lipo pack, I flew this plane with a total weight of 4 ounces, instead of the 8 ounces with original equipment. The plane flew very well.

Next I installed it (and the other equipment) in a balsa and tissue covered Piper Cub which weighed a total of 3 ounces; Another great flyer.

Recently I scratch-built a whimsical vintage-style model airplane out of Depron, and I used a new type of 1-gram servos. In order to save weight, I soldered the servo wires directly onto the connector posts on the back of the receiver. I had to take off some of the plastic covering, but the whole process was quite easy. My finished plane weighed 2.4 ounces, and after some trimming and adjusting, flew nicely.

There is a point to all this; this is a versatile product. I've now flown it in (and bound it to) 3 models, soldered wires directly to it, and have had a lot of fun. If you want to try reliable ultra-light equipment, without spending a fortune, this receiver is definitely the place to start!
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rogozinsky, Michael