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Thread: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

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    Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Telemaster made easy.....
    A truly almost ready to fly in fact it is easy to fly as well. The flight of this model is very predictable as said in the product information. Gentle landings and graceful low passes a must. My set-up included a Brushless AXI, Jeti brushless controller, 2100mah TP lipo, a Hitec receiver and of coarse two Hitec servos. All items needed to fly are available from the website as well. The build for any seasoned modeler is quick and straight forward might not even need the instructions to do so. For beginners it would be a learning experience but one I would say that is very possible for success. The only tricky part I would say is the balancing of the model with a larger lipo battery. You might find yourself having to install the lipo right up in behind the brushless motor which is a tight compartment and some batteries widths and lengths may not be forgiving so choose your battery size wisely. I fly three Alfa model warbirds that are also available on the Hobby-Lobby website with powerful brushless setups and I always go back to my Telemaster when I just wanna take it easy....I wish I could fit in the cockpit of this baby and go for a ride....
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Oliveira, Carl

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    A Legend of RC flying the Telemaster series
    My first kit built RC plane was the Telemaster .40 in 1993. My thoughts at that time was to use the Telemaster as a glider tug for my son's two meter glider, so I installed the extra shear webbing as the kit indicated as well as the K&B .61 engine :) , that it still has today. What a great flyer, it has flown in contests done spot landings, limbo's, aerobatics as only a plane with the tremendous versatility of the Telemaster could. I think that three words for me best describe the Telemaster, versital, and easy flying.
    My experience with the Telemaster is did not come as a great surprise given the development history and design of this aircraft, after all starting life as a design for commercial use and continuing into a RC legend I expected it to be great, and it did not let me down, ever.
    Now 16 years later I am almost all e-powerd in my flying preferences and recently purchased the Mini-Telemaster ARF, from my Hobby Lobby dealer,BullitRC. I powered the mini with an AXI 22/12/26, what a perfect combo of power and weight ratio. I found the mini to be well constructed and an extreme value considering the low purchase price. First flight was a beautiful early morning lift off from the smooth grass field at Bullit and a slow right banking climb out, a couple of clicks of down and one right for trim , and it was hands off stable. I flew the rest of the flight at about half throttle, and for a few moments watching the mini it was as if I was flying my .40 size years ago. Landing was the just like the .40, the Telemasters are floaters, so need to be low on approach but as you cut power they just float down and with the slightest flair touch down. I love these planes.
    Oh yes! I still have my .40 and my Mini hangs right under in the hanger (garage). Maybe they talk to each other about their flights:), anyway Hobby Lobby continues to offer the Telemaster series , truly a legend and one of the best of the best.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Kress, Dan

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    A great flying airplane. One problem is trying to get the CG within the specified area. I feel that it must have been designed for nicads. I had to add 4 1/4 Oz. of lead to bring it within specs.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Carlton, Robert

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Asome little plane
    i got the telemaster to go with my 12 foot one :) all i can say is great little plane, stable, docile, and smooth but hey what you expect is a telemaster :)
    also Hobby lobby is great i live in puerto rico and the ship the same day i place the order and i got it in 4 days who can beat that? no one :) thanks HL ;)
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mendez, Arcadio

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Building issues
    My mini telemaster must have been built on a bad day. The wing joiner was an 1/8" too thick for the joiner tubes-had to sand a lot off to get it to fit. The joiner tubes were staggered so much that the leading edge of the right wing sat 1/4" ahead of the left wing. A lot of sanding solved this problem. The right wing panel was an ounce heavier than the left-2 3" nails in the left wing tip solved this problem. It's powered with a hoffman magnetics rocket 8 outrunner spinning an apc elec. 11X4.7 prop, 18 amp esc and 1800 mah 3 cell blue lipo. Had to stuff everything in the nose as far as I could get it to balance the plane. I don't add lead. Flying wgt came out to 25 oz. With over 30 of thrust this should be a great flyer. I bought the plane on sale so everything considered I'm satified with my purchase. I have been building models for 30+ years and this is only my second arf. My first was a great planes electrostik and it went together without any problems. I bought the mini telemaster to teach my grandson to fly rc and I'm sure it will fly as good as it looks.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Baumbach, Rodney

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Telemaster ARF
    This plane flies better than I had hoped for. The one I bought had no problems at all. The recommended erc motor is perfect for the Mini Tele. I can fly it with just about any battery I have. It flies wonderful with a 7 cell NiMh battery or a 3 cell lipo. Absolutely a pleasure to fly with either rudder only or aeleron wing. It's a floater with a 2 cell lipo and a rocket ship with a 3 cell lipo.
    Pros: Pleasure to fly
    Flies with just about any battery
    Looks great
    Easy to take off and very easy to land
    Recommended motor is perfect

    Cons: landing gear wheels are way too small
    wing panels were warped and out of balance
    manual is not very good
    needs a battery hatch
    covering is coming off in places
    can't fly it all the time. :)

    All in all this is a very good airplane, especially considering it's price. Pleasure to fly, easy to land and very flexible as far as batteries and equipment choices. Highly recommended for anyone from beginner to pro.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Jim Cyliax, JBC Master Tech

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Mini Telemaster
    I was given the Mini Telemaster kit by a nice guy at my club field. It was my first kit, and I was excited to get started on it. I began building it last year, and am still working on it today. With some help from the good folks on, the build is going great. I wouldn't recommend this kit for a beginner builder, but for anyone who has prior experience building kits, this kit is great! It is very complete, and even comes with pre-bent landing gear. The laser cut parts are excellent, and all other parts were in great shape. The plans and instructions are also very helpful and well written in my opinion. This is a great kit for any modeler who wants to build a great flying parkflyer. I can't wait to finish mine. And I especially can't wait to fly it. Because you know what they say. ''Nothing flies like a Telemaster''.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Dixon, Bill

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Mini Telemaster - Great Product
    This kit is wonderful and a breeze to build. This could be considered a build for the first time balsa kit builder and even one for the seasoned modeler who just wants to put one together for the great flying characteristics. With this kit, it is like going back to the basics of stick and tissue modeling as there are very few laser cut parts and all you really receive is a pile of sticks and balsa sheets. The plans are also drawn out in a manner that is easy to follow with power and electronic recommendations right at hand for easy reference.

    I powered mine with a BP 9Y outrunner, 20A ESC, some mini servos, a 3s 750mAh lipo, and I even put a camera on to get some great aerial video. That may be the best thing about this model-its aerial video/aerial photography capability. The airframe could lift a horse if needed, and it may open you to the world of AP flight if you so choose to build this wonderful kit. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking for a great build, and an even better flying airplane.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Lambert, Tucker

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Easy to build, great flyer
    This kit was a pleasure to build. It reminded me of some early kits I built as a boy. Really brought back great memories! I highly recommend it as a parent-child building project.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hawk, Karl

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    Re: Mini Telemaster ARF Reviews

    Very nice builing project, fine result
    I bought this kit some time ago. It is a fine building project, not very hard, and the results are very good. The plane is large enough for just about any motor/battery combination you care to use, the looks are classic, and it is hard to go wrong with a Telemaster. The only thing I would change is to put on ailerons. Adding the extra control surfaces, taking a bit out of the dihedral, and putting a "hot" motor on the plane and you will have a blast. The kit is built strong enough where it can take a bit of rough handling so could be used as a second plane or even a first plane with some practice. Being small, learning on such a plane will be a bit harder as you need to fly in closer than a .40 sized trainer.

    Highly recommended for someone with a kit or two under their belt and wants something different than the run-of-the-mill ARF. It build quickly, and if you use some of the light covering material available and a good motor, this will sure to please.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Frenzl, Ronald

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