At this price, why build.
I was getting set to build an aileron wing for a Simple series Cub which origonally is only three channel. Although the root dimension is not listed here, The area divided by the wingspan told me this wing should be very close to the Cubs root width. I got the Mini-T wing and Bingo, it's 1/16 inch narrower than the cubs, I'm in business. Both wing panels are straight. The covering is tops. The dihedral brace fits just right in the slot after just a tune up sanding. Now my Simple Cub can fly in a little more wind and be more aerobatic. When I consider the cost of balsa and cover film , cutting the parts, and the time to build-FORGET IT. So, if you have a simple series plane or the 3-ch Mini-Telemaster that you want to upgrade to ailerons-JUST DO IT.
I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hall, Victor