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Thread: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

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    Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    mini super cub review
    Hi. I have been fly'n rc airplanes for many years and i wanted to get a beginner for my son. He does not know how to fly by i have been teaching him after a week he could fly it perfectly. IT is a must have for beginner rc pilots. if you are one and want to get an airplane to teach yourself? This is the ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by cub, Captain Eman

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    Mini Super Cub
    The mini super cub is a easy to fly plane with witch you can teach yourself to fly. This plane is equipped with ACT or anti crash technology to keep you out of steep dives. I personally only flew it once but I had a good flight with it. The plane took off like a shot and flew smoothly. I took a few dives but the ACT saved me. It took only a few minutes to assemble and even less to get in the air and have fun flying. My advice though, DO NOT!!! fly it on, near or over snow or water or it will fry the main controls. That's how I lost mine. But still the Mini Super Cub is a great choice for beginners who want to learn how to fly fast and safe with no help at all.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by carlson, brody

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    Excellent for a starter RC plane!
    I'm new to RC flying but I found this plane to be a wonderful first plane. I highly recommend it for its easy set up and great flight handling attributes. It can handle a good amount of flight mishaps and get up and fly again. A lot of fun to fly with minimal set up and I believe a great way to start to learn about the world of RC flying.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wooten, Trent

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    Great Beginner Aircraft
    Unbeatable for the price, I found this airplane to be a great gift for a friend who wanted to get into RC flying. He has since moved on to aileron planes and found this airplane to be a great trainer.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    Fun Fun Fun
    I have flown many many planes and I learned on the Original Super Cub... I thought it would be fun to buy the Mini Super Cub because I have had so much fun with the bigger one. When I first got it, I had to used to the controller because it is a little more like a toy plane controller than the other planes that I am used to. For example, the throttle stick centers at neutral rather than at the bottom for zero throttle. I kept trying to pull the stick down farther just because it felt weird to have the stick in the middle at zero throttle. The other negative thing I would like to add is that you have to turn the ACT off every time you fly it because it is set to always be on. On a positive note... this plane floats really really well. It flies a long time. It is very very durable. It is very easy to fly.

    I am someone who likes to make things fly better than stock, so I took the plane apart and put my own gear in it. WOW, what a great flier now!!! I found a motor that weighs about the same as the stock one but it will pull this plane straight up as far as the eye can see. I am also able to fly for about 16 minutes on a 460 mAh lipo (3 cell.) I really am having a blast with this plane.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Horn, Tyson

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    mini super cub
    Where do I start? The plane was delivered promptly. Every thing was there. Charged battery. Did pre flight, every thing ok. My problem!!!!!!!!!! Did a few run way take offs. Crash and burn, my fault. Plane still in tack. Went to neighbors big yard. Three hand launches. Crash and burn, my fault. Finally got it launched. Good control. THEN!!! I kind of froze on the controls. Plane went farther and father away. Couldn't get it to come back MY FAULT. I lost sight of it at about 1/4 mile above or behind some trees. Lost the plane. Looked for 3 hours. $100. down the drain. ADVICE. Get a simulator to train on. Its cheaper than loosing a plane and lots of fun too. If you can fly it, its a great plane. When I learn to fly I'm getting another one.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by taylor, earl

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    Easy to Fly and Durable
    My son and I had so much fun with a toy Air-hog plane we decided to try a real RC plane. I researched a good bit and decided on the Mini Super Cub and I am very glad I did. The smaller size is easier to carry around than the bigger planes and it flies very well. If you are high enough it will recover from most any mistake you make as a pilot on it's own with or without A.C.T. It has plenty of power and is easy to repair. One particularly dumb pilot error sent our baby cub straight into pavement. I thought the cub was destroyed. But I was able to repair the cub without buying spare parts and it flies as good as new. (Bent shaft and servos came loose). I found part of the fun is tinkering with your plane to make it better. It very satisfying to see your plane fly after a repair. This plane also has easy to find spare parts if something is broken. I am hooked on flying now. If I bought a different plane I may be singing a different tune.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bourquine, Danny

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    great little plane
    This is not my first three channel plane...But is the best I have had so far. Before getting into three channels I experimented with some extremely easy two channel planes with limited abilities. I bought a couple of three channel war birds from others with disastrous results...I mean beyond crash and burn. They were just more than I was ready for I guess. Anyway this plane is much easier to fly,it is more maneuverable,forgiving and when you do crash (as I still do often) is very forgiving. On a scale of one to ten...I give it a firm ten.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Daniels, Arthur

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Birdsill-Mrla, Indra

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    Re: Mini Super Cub RTF Reviews

    Great Learner
    My 12 year old daughter had been bugging me to take her flying - but it had been over 25 years since I had put this hobby on the shelf so I was not sure which way to turn. The local hobby shop pushed me towards this plane (somewhat against my will) but I caved in a bought it for her.

    I have to say - thanks to the shop for pushing me this way. The plane was very easy for me to re-learn how to fly and my daughter is starting to get the hang of it as well. It repairs easily (I know this from experience!) and is very forgiving (once you get some altitude - like the instructions say). With the small wheels it won't land on the grass but not really a problem because with a little practice you can come in very smoothly and not damage the plane.

    A word of advice follow the instructions and do not fly the plane when its windy - this is a very light weight plane and the wind will push it all over the sky - this is how I learned to repair the plane, as well as learned how to get it out of a tree when my daughter lost control and "parked" it 15 feet off the ground!!!

    I would suggest this for anyone learning
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wortmann, Richard

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