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Thread: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

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    Fantastic Little Jet
    In the words of my father, this plane is a "little hum-dinger". A great little jet that is awesome out of the box, with nothing needed to be upgraded. It's not for a beginner as it is a fast little beast, but anyone looking at playing with ducted fans should look no further. I cannot recommend this plane enough. The only problem I has was only cosmetic, the grass I was on was rough, and it damaged the radome (the little nub under the nose) on the nose. I added some foam, sanded it flush, and it's been great ever since.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bates, Arron

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    Excellent first jet!
    This is my first EDF jet and I am not disappointed! Fast build. Flies out of your hand with a light toss and very fast! Tough little plane can take the belly landings but anything other than sliding it in will result in the nose snapping off (mostly a pilot problem not a plane problem) Be sure to bring the foam safe CA and kicker for field repairs. Full throttle flight lasted over 6 minutes which is long when flying this little beast. If you cut back on the throttle you can fly for about 8 minutes. Land with about 1/3 to 1/4 throttle and slide it in the grass. Don't cut the throttle to drop it down or it will be a lawn dart ! Not a glider at all as you would expect. Not for the novice!!! Very fast and best bang for the buck!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by A, Vincent

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    F-4N AFR
    Sorry, but the aircraft is a POJ. Tried 3 different receivers and 3 different transmitters and two crystal combos to figure out how to stop the elevator servo glitching. Replaced servos, ESC, and motors. No luck. Foam on this airplane is very, very cheap and will not last.
    5 star for Hobby-Lobby service department though. They will work with you to resolve issues
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Butler, Lee

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    The ARF is total garbage
    I received the Rx ready version of the Mini F4 on Aug 6. I noticed early on during pre-flight checks that one of the elevators was sticking at full deflection. It appeared to be a setting related issue at first.

    The stock settings required the servo to travel nearly past the full 45 degrees. It appeared to be something related to the control rod sticking because of the angle it was getting put at due to the full deflection of the servo.

    Rather than bother customer service with having them help with a control setting, I thought it wold be fine to just try and solve the problem without causing a headache for them. WRONG MOVE!!!

    I moved the control horn on the elevators to holes that were closer to the wing and reduced the throw on the servos. With the new new settings, it was getting the same amount of deflection at the elevator, but at only half of the servo travel rate. I tested it several times that way before flying and it appeared to solve the problem.

    After less than a dozen flights, I did a loop and lost all elevator control. I instantly knew what the problem was. I think the date of the fatal flight was the 15th. (9 days after receiving the plane)

    The resulting crash was totally fatal. There is no chance to rebuild this thing. You can check some of the planes I have destroyed and rebuilt, so saying this is unrepairable is really saying something.

    I was using the recommended AR500 with a DX7. I was about two minutes into the flight and less than 300' from me when the crash happened. I still had throttle and aileron control, so I know it was not a power or TX/RX related issue.

    I had a problem with a FlyCamOne2 that was dealt with in an exceptional manner, I expected nothing less with this one. It was a clear cut issue of a defect in the plane. Hobby Lobby's website clearly states...

    "We guarantee our product to be free from defect for 30 days after the date of purchase. If you find that an item you purchased from us is defective within that 30 day period, we will replace it at no charge to you. If the item has a manufacturer's warranty within the USA, please send it to them."

    I figured this would be a no brainer since I was not aware the plane was defected, just a setting related issue. I was advised because I had flown the plane after I found the problem, they would not do a warranty exchange. However, they did offer a 25% discount on a replacement main fuselage and a free servo since that was what was defective.

    Months later and after additional e-mails and calls in to customer service, they are adamant about their stand that I knew the plane was defective and shouldn't have flown it. Had I known the servo was bad, I wouldn't have tried to put a band-aid on the problem and try to muddle through anyway. It appeared to be a setting related issue and that is not something that would warrant sending the plane in for replacement.

    The plane itself is a great flying plane, but the ARF with the included electronics is a total piece of crap.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Holdaway, Dan

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    F4N Phantom, 64mm EDF
    F4N Phantom ARF,

    Just purchased this fine small scale model of the F4-phantom and love it.
    The plane comes almost complete right from the box, and takes less than an hour to finish for flying.

    The quality of the construction is excellent and the only item that is incomplete is that there is only one pilot in the cockpit, it should have a navigator in the back seat to complete it.

    If you are an intermediate pilot and are looking for speed this plane has it. It will get out of sight very quickly and can be difficult for orientation if you let it get to far away. If this does happen remember to try and gain altitude, this aids in figuring out which way the plane is going, slow down and try and turn back to your location.

    This is one of those 5 star aircraft that must be in everyones jet stable, you will love the way it flies and will enjoy flying it every chance you get. Fits perfectly in the back seat of your vehicle and is ready to go at a charge of the battery and a turn on of the transmitter and receiver.

    Equipment used:
    Motor, battery, esc and servo's included.
    Radio and receiver- 2.4 ghz, DX6i Transmitter and AR6100 receiver.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Rick, George

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    F4N Phantom
    Great looking and great flying jet. This is my first ducted fan jet and I am impressed with the control and looks of this great classic fighter jet.

    The directions do leave a little to be desired. Not clear on where to install the battery to maintain CG. No direction on how to install the nose cone. If you did not have a good idea how the nose cone was to be installed it could easily be put on a little crooked which would affect your flight characteristics. Also it would be nice if the landing surface had a plastic sheeting to protect those points that take impact on landing.

    A slight concern are the control rods under the wings. With no protection it could be possible to snag on landing and bend them.

    I did crash mine on the first flight and broke the nose section off as well as cracked both wings and broke a wing tip off. I glued them all back together and the only adjustment was a little up aileron on the left wing to keep the jet from rolling.

    My son who has never flown any RC aircraft did a great job of flying it. However he did say that if he hadn't been flying a simulator he wouldn't have been comfortable flying it.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Taylor, Dell

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    WOW. The best description I can give to this plane is SMOOTH. It flies like it's on rails. Fast or slow, there's no wobbly wandering with this one. It stays on course better than any other edf jet I've flown. To say it's fast is an understatement. The first time I went full throttle, it kinda freaked me out. It's definitely the fastest jet in my hangar. I only ever go wide open if I'm climbing vertical, or just before a roll sequence. Landing is really easy. No power required. Just glide in and pull up at the last minute. Rolls and loops are a non-issue. It's really responsive. Nice tight turns. I really like this one. Assembly is very easy. I had mine ready to fly before the battery was done charging. I really like the topside access to the battery as well. Makes it easier in the field. Don't have to worry about breaking the tail cause the jet is upside down in the grass when hookin' up the battery. I think this is my favorite jet. Or maybe second best. The F-18 Red Viper has a special place in my heart as well (-:
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by miller, robert

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    RTF F-4 Phantom
    Very nice plane for the money. Went together very quickly. Could not figure out what the two parts were with the yellow/black checkerboard on them, directions did not say. Appeared to go on the inlet area, but couldn't seem to find the right fit. The plane flies well without them in any event. Found out quickly that airplane does not need full throttle for take off hand launch. Due to the power of the fan, was able to save it. overall very nice.
    Negative: two screws that hold the gimbals to the face of the transmitter were stripped out. It was easily fixed.
    Think the F-18 is next!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Ryman, Randy

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    Re: MINI F4N PHANTOM ARF Reviews

    F4N Phantom RTF - small size
    Kit is packaged well for shipment and arrived with no damage.
    Build is fast. Generally parts fit and alignment is good. This is a a kit for the modeler with some building and RC experience.
    I recommend to NOT use the glue included in the kit - throw this away. It is not suitable for this RC airplane (seems like contact cement and does not have strength for the wing attachment). I used 2-part epoxy instead (5 minute works well).
    I installed 1/2' Black trim tape over the wings-to-fuselage joints to provide a cleaner and better looking scale model. Route the aileron servo wires through the grooves in the wing underside and connect to the Rx (wires are not labeled but connect battery and test to ensure proper connection). I covered the wires with 1/4" black trim tape. I also installed 1/2' black electrical tape on the wing leading edge and on the horizontal stab leading edge to provide a stronger surface and protect against landing dings. Improved scale look, also.
    To provide some "scuff" resistance to the foam, I sprayed two coats of water-based polycrylic protective coating (Minwax) over the entire airframe. I've used this on other foam airplanes and it works well, and on the F4N, it gives a nice semi-gloss finish.
    Hatch hold down magnets are pre-installed (neat idea, but less than great execution): Several hatch hold-down magnets came loose from the fuselage the first time the hatch was removed. I epoxied all magnets in place and covered with a layer of clear scotch tape. These work very well after proper installation.
    To achieve CG within the range defined in the Instruction, I had to remove the foam "tab" from inside the front area of the fuse battery compartment so the battery could be properly positioned. Install Velcro in the fuse area and the mating Velcro side on the battery to help secure the battery well in place for flight.
    Instructions are lacking - no instruction to route the Rx antenna (it comes neatly coiled inside the fuse). Be sure to route it out to the rear of the fuse, and be sure to range check the radio before flying.
    I covered the antenna with 1/4" black trim tape for a neat finish. Also, no details included about control throw provided and the controls do not have dual rates. Short of any available information, I plan to start with the control throws as stock on the airplane out of the box.
    No details about the air intake panels in the instruction, but the parts fit neatly in place against the fuse just in front of the intakes, and improve the scale look of the F4N.
    The battery charger provided in the kit does not work (DOA), but fortunately I have a LiPo charger to use for the 3S battery provided.
    No flying experience yet on the F4N because the weather has been too windy. However, with the provided battery fully charged, there is sufficient static thrust (almost equal to airplane weight) that the model should fly well...assuming the control throws are set properly.
    Model looks GREAT, hope it flies as good as it looks.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Welsby, Scott

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