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Thread: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

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    Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Are we there yet?
    I'm kinda surprised this model isn't available yet. I was gonna get it as a birthday present but it's been pushed back yet another month...disappointing. This plane has been available in China since may 08'. If you buy an F-86 Skyblazer and a can of Krylon shortcuts red spray paint, it could be available NOW! I'm thinking about it...
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by The Pizza Guy

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Mig-15 Is A Winner
    Nice little foam EDF. Lots of bang for the buck. This is a true RX ready plane. All else is included. The build could not be easier. On You Tube, search "Br5499a" for pictures, videos, and commnets.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Baker, Glenn

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Move Battery all the way forward!
    I gave one star because there is no 0 option.Don't get me wrong the plane flies great. The problem is when you maiden it according to the instructions Center of Gravity you end up with a tail heavy plane and a smashed nose. Thank You Hobby Lobby.Don't you people test these planes before you throw out a measurement. There is no excuse on your part for this, it amounts to B.S.I wonder why they just don't tell you to move the supplied battery all the way to the front bulkhead. Could it be that they want there customers to crash on maiden so they run out and buy another?From now on please test your models before you give customers the wrong specs.Hopefully they will send out a replacement with proper C of G info.Too bad I found out the hard way that the battery must be all the way forward.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Steaming Customer

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    incredible bargain
    This jet is an incredible bargain. Not only do you get everything in the box except the receiver, but the build quality seems pretty high (better than my friends F-86, but maybe he had an older version). The jet easily hand launches with just a gentle toss, no hard throw needed. With power off for landing, the jet soars for a long ways before touchdown. This jet would have received 5 stars except that the canopy hatch had very poor quality red paint problems with lots of bubbles, most of the bubbles have now flaked off and the paint with it. Looks great in the air. I would not recommend any "up-trim" for launch.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Lundstrom, Bob

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    EPO Mig 15
    This is on nice looking plane. It went today very quickly and I am looking forward to flying it. The kit did come with one bad servo and I am waiting for Hobby Lobby to return my call and send me another servo. I followed the instructions to the letter and did not discover the bad servo until I went to install the clevis and control rod. The plane was already fully assembled at that time so it will be a challenge to install to new servo with out do to much damage to the plane. Over all if the servo was not bad I would have given this plane a full 5 stars
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Stanton, Jim

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Great jet
    First time order with hobby lobby, got the plane in 4 days fast shipping, plane looks great out of the box went together in about a hour, charged battery tested electronics everything worked great, only problem i had was the first flight i tried hand tossing it and it went to the dirt then I had someone else hand toss and got it in the air and found it needed trimmed allot but i got trimmed then tossed and so far i have flown it 5 times and no crashes the plane is great its not a rocket ship but does cover distances very quickly fun little jet for the money and the thing is super tough it will be one i will keep for a long time.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mabry, Kurtis

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Mig-15 Review
    I want to give this a 5 stars just for the fast processing & shipping it took less than 2 days to receive this package, I have been reading that it has had a lot of faulty servo with this particular kit so I'm going to have to check the servos out.


    Props again for fast processing & Shipping of this product HL :)
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Doucette, Mike

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Nice price and good flight!
    Well for $119 I decided to get the Mig-15. I put it together fast and was ready to fly. First flight with stock setup, I threw it straight out and it took off perfectly from my hand launch, straight as an arrow. It flew great as well. Pretty fast for a 3 cell setup! Do be careful when turning, keep your speed up or it will stall and spin on you!

    2nd Flight - Hand launch didn't go so well. Plane stalled on launch and flopped around till it hit the ground. Luckily landed on belly and no damage other than a slightly out of place battery tray. Fixed with CA and ready for 3rd flight.

    3rd Flight - Hand launch didn't go well again. Plane stalled and flopped around in the air for about 10 seconds. Amazingly I got control before a crash and it zoomed into the air and flew great.

    I decided now to add wheels to this jet because hand launching is very tricky. I don't know why my first hand launch was perfect, but my 2nd and 3rd went horribly wrong. I hand launch jets often, and I am an advanced pilot, so my skills aren't to blame. I have CG set exactly as manual says.

    4th flight will be with wheels added(I have already added wheels including steering nose gear). Should make this plane fly a little slower with the drag of the wheels, but at least I won't destroy the plane from a hand launch gone bad.

    All in all it is a great flying plane. Once speed is up, it soars through the sky and handles well. It landed easy in the grass too. Just keep your wings level to the ground and glide in for a smooth landing.

    I gave 4 out of 5 stars because of how hard it is to launch. But it flies great once in the air.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Battaglia, Thomas

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Out of the box
    Foam/paint is great. ESC connections to motor not connected. Not much room for fingers/connections. One hinge on wing not secure. Going to add rudder. Over all looks like a good plane. Build/fly to follow.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Martin, John

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    Re: Mig 15 ARF Reviews

    Great EDF, especially for begginners!
    Pros: Fast, Durable, Looks good, and of course - the price! Just like the Sabre F-86 model, very easy access to the fan and ESC after assembly if you want to upgrade either in the future. Absolutely great for learning to fly EDF jets, or flying where there's nowhere to land but grass.

    Cons: My vertical stab was molded a bit crooked, but I fixed this with a 3mm hobby stick. The fan was rubbing (so did my Sabre) I found putting tension on the ESC lines resolved this - since the EDF assembly does not come glued to the plane you need only move them around to fix the problem. I had to adjust the servo's neutral positions because they would dig into the foam when moving, also an easy fix is you have a digital transmitter (the servos are pre-glued and would be gruesome to attempt to reinstall)

    Overall I think this is a really nice buy, and has almost enough thrust to lift it's own weight if you have a larger capacity battery installed (2200mah) - so it's pretty fast and decently acrobatic. The assembly is pretty straight forward and easy, but the tail can be a bit tedious. If you're just getting into EDF jets, or just want one to bash and carry around in your trunk for clear days - this is a great plane for the job, it's damn fun!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by jolly, Rodgers

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