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Thread: Micro Twister RTF, IR Control Reviews

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    Micro Twister RTF, IR Control Reviews

    Best $40 I ever spent on R/C
    This is most fun you can get for 40 bucks!!
    I've had a couple of the Air Hogs micro helis that cost about the same and let me tell you there is NO comparison. Right out of the box this little gem was solid! Well built, high quality, and pretty.
    the flight is amazing for such a tiny helicopter. This thing hovers like it was hung on a string and it goes where you point it.
    I am very impressed. This is a great value if you're new to helis and just want to have some fun.
    I am going to order another one before they are out of stock.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Mason, Steve

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    Re: Micro Twister RTF, IR Control Reviews

    Micro Twister Pro
    Bought this heli form my kids for Christmas. Looked to be a good purchase at the start. However, after only a couple days the heli became very unstable. Noticed that the retainer pin on the flybar had gone missing causing excessive play in the flybar. Was able to fix this with some thin guage wire and a drop of super glue. Contacted sales to find out how to order repalcement parts. While waiting for a response the heli took a hard landing on the carpet (about a 5 foot drop) resulting is a broken flybar on one side. Contacted tech support and after a few days they responded directing me to contact sales, so I did requesting info on how to order replacement parts. After more than a week and multiple emails still waiting for a response. I see now that there is a parts tab and the spare flybar will be available in late january. Quality of the flybar seems to be a real problem as I found other posts online with simillar problems for this heli. Lack of available part is a real negative as well. Heli was great fun while it lasted but cheap flybar, lack of available parts, and poor customer service equals bad experience with this Heli. Will propably get the replacement fly bar when it finally does become available. Also bought the Blade MCX2 and so far have been very pleased with that heli. Its a bit more spendy but a much better performer as you would expect.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by S, Scott

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    Re: Micro Twister RTF, IR Control Reviews

    Lots of fun
    I agree with S Scott about the fly bar. The tiny pins that hold it in place were lost after about 3 days of flying/crashing. I've noticed some other designs have the flybar on the top which allows a holding pin to go through the entire shaft. It seems to me that would be a better approach. That said it was great fun while it lasted. It flys great and can become addictive. I'll order out a new flybar and probably add a drop of glue and see what happens.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Robinson, Thomas

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    Re: Micro Twister RTF, IR Control Reviews

    Awesome fly!
    Flew this little helicopter in the shop.. Fly's like a beast, didn't think it would hover very good, but it was great. Rock solid landings, and very nice forward flight.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by varnado, adrian

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