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Thread: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

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    Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Micro Stick a Great Value !
    Just got my new Micro Stick 2 days ago, I like the micro's to take aerial video's, the Ember will just fly a 5in1 cam so I wanted something just a bit larger. The Micro Stick looks very well made, came with two batteries, looks very sturdy. Finally got a break in between storms so went out to the yard to try, instructions said launch with 2/3 throttle, being used to Ember I used full throttle, the plane climbed vertically ! So after a momentary "Holy Cow !" I reduced throttle, dove, regained level flight. Doesn't need more than 25% throttle for nice calm flying, flies very nicely, a re-application of full throttle and up she went vertical again ! Woot ! This plane looks to be an outstanding value, it has the wing and power to do a lot, in addition to aerobatics it carried the 5 in 1 cam with no problem whatsoever, I am pretty sure it will hoist my fly-cam also, that would be awesome. Haven't been able to do an extreme range check yet but if it has good range this plane has everything and more that you would want in a micro, and the price is unbelievable in my opinion. Very very happy with it !
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Krampert, Jeff

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Micro Stik RTF
    Hobby Lobby has a winner this time. This is a great little plane for an unbelievable price.
    Lots of power to spare. Will do loop after loop with no problem at all. Wing is sturdy and
    does not flex unlike lots of the other small planes. Put the included batteries in Tx and
    charge the two flight batteries and you are ready to go..About 10 minutes at most.
    Our club is having a ball with them.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Clayton, Tommy

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    WOW !
    This airplane is a very pleasant surprise ! I flew one for a 10 minute maiden flight. (The throws should be reduced for beginners but other than that, it's perfect ). I've flown most of the "micros" and I like this one the best. Plenty of power for loops and inverted flight. Completely stable. And, only $75. What a deal !
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Carlson, Rus

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Best Micro
    This is a great micro... Has great power for outdoor flight but can also fly very slow for indoor flight as well!

    I have had several parkzone micro airplanes and this has all of them beat!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by stussie, brandon

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Awesome micro stick beats all competitors!
    The micro stick is very powerful. You can do any type of loop without any trouble at all. You don't even need full throttle to make it. Not like the ember 2 where you need to dive first. I recommend adding glue or gorilla tape support on the vertical support brackets for the wing. It adds a lot of strength and the strong motor make it handle no differently. This plane is a must buy. It is much better than any of its competitors. BUY THIS PLANE!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by ba, billy

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    eRc Micro Stik
    This plane rocks! It takes off from the ground in 3' and the power will pull it straight up. Loops are so easy and you don't need perfectly calm conditions to fly either. At full speed you can over control the plane so you need a little experience to fly it at full power, but at slow speed this thing is a floater.

    The plane I got had a bad circuit board as there was no range, Hobby Lobby sent out a new one in 2 days, you can't beat their customer service which is why they will get all my future business.

    Nice plane!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Shields, Eric

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Easy fun.
    Amazing. I got into this hobby in late fall and have spent all my time on the simulator. Finally got mine after missing Christmas shipment and it was so worth it. Fun, no Amazing to fly. It was the first time I had flown outside. I did loops and turns and chased my kids around the field for 10min. Hey they got exercise. Turned to the left hard but easily got that adjusted. Thanks to the Hobby Lobby Staff for everything you have done to help me. Go get one of these.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Reed, Jason

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Sweet plane, horrible transmmitter.
    Pros: Lots of power as others have said. Very responsive as well -- surprisingly responsive and powerful. Nice design.

    Cons: Minor - Decal needed lots of work pin pricking and smoothing because of severe bubbling.
    Minor -- prop was out of balance right out of the box.
    Moderate -- wing supports attachment to fuselage is weak. Reinforce this before you fly.
    SEVERE: The transmitter is a very weak link. There (apparently) is no way to bind this to a better transmitter that has dual rates and expo and that is a deal breaker. The transmitter is a toy. It's very small for large pawed guys -- but would fit a 5 year old very well. I'd recommend this plane to all of my club members if they could put it on a real transmitter. I'll be recommending the Ember with a 168mAH battery.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Page, Ronald

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    Micro Stik is a Big Winner
    I have been flying indoor micros in a couple of the gyms in our area now for about 1 year. I just got this Micro Stik and I am very impressed with it. As another reviewer stated, mine also had a few bubbles in the finish on the top of the wing, but did not deter in anyway the performance of the plane. I took off on the maiden flight from the large gym floor at full throttle for about 2 feet and the Stik went straight up to the ceiling where I cut throttle and looped it back down about half way for a couple of half throttle loops without losing any altitude. I then slowed it to about 1/4 throttle and flew it around the gym exactly like it was my Ember 2 at half to 3/4 throttle. This one is a winner. Slow fly or fast fly with aerobatic maneuvers, it is your choice. I do wish I could bind it to my DX6i, but that isn't bad enough to drop any of the 5 stars I gave. The little transmitter works fine.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Langham, Cecil

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    Re: Micro Stik RTF Reviews

    This is the best, most fun i've ever had with an RC plane!!
    Wow! just wow!
    this is probably the most fun I've ever had with a RC plane, and it didn't cost hundreds of dollars like some of my others either!
    In, the daytime, this sucker can flip, fly, and touch-n-go like no tomorrow, its such a blast and then at night, with micro brite lite LED's installed (which i HIGHLY recommend for this plane) i fly at 1/4 throttle real low to the ground and it's a totally different, straight tracking plane

    If there is any plane that i could recommend, this would be my top for beginners and experts alike. I'm writing this review because Hobby lobby has really hit a home run here, I'll be ordering another micro stik for sure =D
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Blowers, Rylan

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