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Thread: Messerschmitt VE29 Ready Set Reviews

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    Messerschmitt VE29 Ready Set Reviews

    Great little plane
    Got this plane last week opened the box and was very impressed with the way it was packed. Took no time at all the get the aircraft together because the tail feathers were already on and was just a matter of checking the plane over and putting on the wing. Did sand down the back edge of the wing a bit to make it fit a little easier but other than that the plane when together with ease. The only down side I could see about this plane was that the prop was definitly brittle and was a good thing came with a spare.
    The stock transmitter is actually not bad and has dual rate switch the range of the transmitter was not bad either I flew the plane at a Fun Fly this past weekend and everyone commented on how scale this plane looked and how well it tracked. I really enjoy flying this plane because it is larger than the micros I own but not as large as my other planes. Speed wise this little plane is kind of zippy and have to say is not a plane for beginners though. if your looking for a fun little plane that is in between you might check this one out.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hogue, James

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    Re: Messerschmitt VE29 Ready Set Reviews

    They should paint it lemon yellow.
    Not worth buying. Brand new out of the box, was not making enough power to get airborne, on the brand new battery (right off the charger) it came with. The 3 blade prop is not flexibile and resilient enough, broke as the plane simply nosed down 10 feet from the first launch in grass. Second prop broke the same way. Threw it hard as it could be thrown with full power and it just did a gradual ballistic arc into the dirt and was done. I put a larger two bladed prop on it and actually got it to launch out of my hand but it didn't seem to hold the power on long enough to fly for more than about a minute. Tried a stronger 800maH battery that was about 50% heavier and it didn't have the power to hold that one up in the air. So with the original equipment this thing actually would not get airborne, with a better prop it did but wasn't really moving all that well. The wing comes loose when it doesn't land well and breaks the servo horn. This thing looked good but that was about it. Not the fun flyer I saw in the video. I cannot recommend buying this one at all.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Molle, Gary

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    Re: Messerschmitt VE29 Ready Set Reviews

    They should paint it lemon yellow
    Brand new out of the box with a fully charged new battery it came with this thing didn't have the power to fly. Tossed into the air and it simply did a ballistic arc and came down (regardless of elevator control). Broke the blade in the grass, very disappointing that it wasn't resilient. Put on the second blade, tossed it hard (very very light breeze) into the wind at full throttle and it simply nosed over about 13 feet away and broke the second blade. Put a larger 2 bladed prop on it and actually got it to take off. Didn't have much power to fly, it was struggling. Tried a larger 800mAH battery and it didn't have the power to lift it nosed over hard and broke a much more flexible prop. I cannot recommend this thing. Doesn't seem to have the power and control surfaces that it should to do basic flight on the equipment it came with. Not worth the money, very disappointing.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Molle, Gary

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