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Thread: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

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    MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    not worth the parts
    I purchased this thing already knowing how to fly a CP heli.This would be for my son to learn on.After the first nonskid landing ,with a slight breeze, the balance bar assembly broke where it connects to the center shaft.This was on the first flight! I ordered replacement parts, which were out of stock,appx. 3 weeks out ,from China.After a tedious reassembly project,the first flight again ,was unbalanced,yaw crazy and uncontrollable.While in flight,attempting to adjust the trim, the whole upper rotor assembly separated at the center shaft, where it connects to the spline of the shaft, factory assembled, and took on a path of it's own.All left was the main shaft,lower rotor and the straight center shaft with splines visable where the upper plastic assembly was supposed to be.Maybe it's the temperature or The plastic used is too rigid,non forgiving and does not allow for any adjustments. If I were you,I would order from Nine Eagles and get the Kestrel 500.Much better Bang for the Buck and very sturdy and forgiving.Trust me,a man who has spent a buck or two.I
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Tillich, Richard

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    MD500 Needs improvement
    The MD500 Helicopter comes as a RTF complete with a FM radio. However, the one I received was far from RTF. Being new to helicopter flying, it took me a while to figure out what was wrong. My MD500 only wanted to fly backwards, even with the trim set full in the forward position. To get it to fly, I had to move the position of the servo arm and add a full ounce of weight to the nose. After all this, the MD500 flies very well. The landing gear is an extremely weak point which should be beefed up to better support the weight of the MD500 on rough landings.
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Hall, Carl F.

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    A Great Helicopter!
    I am completely satisfied with the product and service that I received from Hobby Lobby. I received my MD-500 RTF within 2 weeks, and as soon as the battery was charged up I flew the helicopter right out of the box. It was very stable and flew with no problems. The only thing I can think of that was disappointing was the tail section screws had been striped out and I had to super glue it back on. Since the portion is just for show, I had no problem with having to re-attaching it. This helicopter is going to provide me and my friends with hours of enjoyment. I think everyone else is going to buy one too. Thanks Hobby Lobby!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Ludington, Alan

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    Buy some spare blades!!!
    This is a very fun and easy heli to fly, but I would certainly recommend buying some spare blades!! Even considering the package includes spare blades, I would go ahead and get a couple of spare sets. Trust me, they will come in handy. Even if you are an experienced heli pilot, you will end up needing the blades. Flying and landing in a field with soft grass would break the blades on occasion.

    When I first got setup, I had a hard time getting the heli trimmed out but after playing around with the placement of the battery I finally got her to hover with minimal stick movement. I will say, one of the biggest problems I've had is maintaining altitude while turning or going forward or backwards. As soon as I start moving in any direction, the heli starts to drop and it seems like no matter how much throttle I give it won't regain altitude. But that's probably due to my inexperience flying.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Swafford, Nick

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    I have had my md500 for several months now. I had a problem with the charger. right out of the box it didn't work. Hobby lobby not only replace the charger but also the battery, and didn't was the other parts back. I received many e-mails from several different people expressing how sorry they were that I had problems with the heli and they would take care of it now or later.
    the heli is the best handling copter I have ever flown. last night I took it to a scholl gym and as a test tried to teach kids to fly it. eight kids, ages ranging from 6 years old to 14 were able to hover it with in 2 or 3 minutes. I did work the power but they did it! every one of them. only two of they had ever even played with any thing RC. I highly recommend the MD500 and like helis and you can NOT beat the service at hobby lobby
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by surprise, fred

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Get the LAMA V4 or better yet one of the E-flite Blades instead. These are much better build quality and much more stable in flight. I tried taking the rear fuselage off and instead of the screws coming out the mounting post broke away from the frame. I called Hobby-LOBBY and told them what I thought of it the guy I spoke to told me there was nothing he could do and maybe I should sell it on E-Bay. Nice way to stand behind your product.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by bonora, chris

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    Art-Tech MD-500
    This is a good first time flyers helicopter. It flies so well that I had to get another one. It works better with some 20C LiPo 1320 ma batteries. Longer flight time, great out doors with some wind. If your looking for a helicopter that flies well, get one of these from Hobby-Lobby. You cant beat their prices. Best Hobby site on the net.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Oprenchak, Randall

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    Not worth it
    This heli came alive as soon as the battery was hooked up, fortunately it was sitting on the table and only thrashed a house plant, but it did destroy its blades before even being airborne! The transmitter was not even turned on, it just went to full power by itself. Later after repairs, it flew fairly well, but after a gentle landing the flybar simply took off on its own, never to be seen again. More waiting for the parts to arrive from the slow boat from China, we'll see what happens this time. I think this thing is haunted. Get a Heli-max, you'll have a lot more fun and the parts are more readily available.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Mitchell, John

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    Truely Awsome
    After flying fixed wing for 30 years and one bad helicopter experience years ago, I was apprehensive about another try at Heli's. I ordered the MD-500 from Hobby Lobby and 4 days later it arrived. I couldn't wait for the battery pack to charge. I was so excited to try this pretty little machine out. Right out of the box this thing proved me wrong about helis. Wow is all I can say. This thing is great. Minimal trim for a perfect flight and so realistic is the appearance in the air. I just wrapped up an entire weekend of flying the MD-500 without incident. Great heli for a first timer or somebody wanting a relaxing to fly heli. Five Stars Hobby Lobby.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Sorensen, Timothy

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    Re: MD500 R/C HELICOPTER RTF Reviews

    Great little heli for the money. Bigger size than the lama,which also flies great.I had to trim out a little but it flies like a Heli of this type should. Although it states this is for a beginner, if you have never flown a helicopter you should get some training skids till you learn to hover and to control it. You can make some from 1/4" dowels and small wiffle balls (plastic golf balls). I had purchased the lama a year ago,which flies great so this is just a step up to a larger size.I think this is a very nice helicopter with a scale looking fuselage.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Cox, A.

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