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Thread: LAMA V4 2.4G RTF HELI,SILVER Reviews

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    LAMA V4 2.4G RTF HELI,SILVER Reviews

    Fine starter heli, maybe perfect
    I know a lot of folks lean toward Blade MCX for a starter/indoor heli. Sure, it would be easier to fly an 8" rotor down a narrow hallway than a 16". Myself though, I just couldn't get over the 'toy' impression the submicro MCX has. Not only did I think it would be too easy to sustain interest, it's too small for my dim vision to make out its orientation unless it's right in my face. And how could my wide, crusty fingers possibly replace parts on something that small? I was also put off by the 'charge one battery off another' thing, though that can be overcome.

    So I rang up HL and got a V4. Going on two months, I love it. It's calm and submissive, does what it's told. Never having flown before, haven't busted anything but a dozen blades and one skid. Came mostly setup out of the box. No swash/servo issues, all trims dead centered it will hover hands off.

    Oh, except yaw/rudder. That wanders, with motor temp, age, and charge status. You'll probably have to tweak it some. Gets you into the inner workings of heli electronics. That's not a bad thing. And the wander won't crash it, just make you fly the rudder. Also not a bad thing.

    Other than the yaw issue, V4 is a very docile heli that will stay challenging as you explore a limited indoor space, dodging walls and furniture. Outdoors, requires dead calm or very nearly so. Also, there is a characteristic of (stock) coax helis whereby they will not sustain forward flight past about 15 yards. They won't crash, they just stop going forward. So it's not so much a long-distance outdoor machine. But very responsive within short distances.

    Oh, the 45-degree servo mount arrangement found on all coaxes is a compromise. Initial stick response will be 45 degrees off, settling into the commanded direction, then as above, after 15 yards settling into zero response in the same direction. The 45-degree thing, you will soon learn to anticipate and control indoors. But I'm verging on too much information for a starter heli shopper or first time pilot. Don't let that scare you.

    If (when) you crash the V4, most assemblies unsnap themselves to minimize damage. You just snap them back. Get no less than a dozen blades, a set of skids, and a spare battery. You'll need a hex wrench to change blades, I recommend one with a handle because it takes ~20 turns to get the screws out. These blades move very fast and shatter if they directly hit something rigid. But they have little mass and are unlikely to cause injury.

    I think you'll want to fly this heli at least twice a day. And keep flying it even after you've moved on to something more sophisticated.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bibbs, Rick

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    Re: LAMA V4 2.4G RTF HELI,SILVER Reviews

    Great for Beginners
    Very smooth and docile helicopter. Cheap price for such a great flying machine. It is truely ready to run and requires nothing. Great way to learn how to fly or decide whether you want to pursue rc helicopters.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Groden, Mark

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    Re: LAMA V4 2.4G RTF HELI,SILVER Reviews

    An Excellent Beginner Helicopter
    This is an excellent to learn how to fly for beginners. If you can fly it in a Army tent in the middle of Afghanistan then you can fly it anywhere.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by brown, sam

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    Re: LAMA V4 2.4G RTF HELI,SILVER Reviews

    LAMA V-4
    Got my lama v-4. Everytning was included. Charged battery. Went by RADD'S school of rotary flight for about 2 hours. Decided it was time to fly. It flew as advertised. My only problem was getting it in the air in a slow lift off. Wanted to slide backwards, even with full foward evevator. I tried a faster lift off with a little foward elevator and up she went. Took me about 4 tries to get my controls down. Now hover for 2 minutes with no problem. Next going to try doing squares and circles and figure 8's as per manual. I first bought a honey bee and couldn't get it off the ground. When i master the lama, i'll go back to the honey bee. Controls are the same on both, mode 2. Training gear and RADD's school of ratary flight are a must. The cd that comes with it is a goot trainer also. If you have trouble understanding chinese and can't get it to load on your computer, go to rc It took me about 2 hours to figure outhow to get it to load, but now works fine. Will work on any windows. I give the lama a 5.0 rating.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by taylor, earl

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    Re: LAMA V4 2.4G RTF HELI,SILVER Reviews

    Flying the Lama Helicopter
    I have flown Radio control for over 40 years and this is the hardest helicopter to fly I have ever tried.
    It is not nothing like the add says. It is very unstable and does not control easy. Ever time you fly does something different. Sorry to say all this but I figure people should know.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by horlocker, blaine

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