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Thread: JETIGER RTF Reviews

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    JETIGER RTF Reviews

    FLEW LIKE A Trainer,Right out of the box and after charging the battery! EXCELLENT Take-Off characteristics,not "Twitchy or "touchy" at all,Smooth and EASY. After in the air and i had gotten familiar with the tiger,I did some basic Barrel rools,loops,and even a Bice WINGOVER at HIGH SPEED,IT WAS PERFECT!! ( I looked like a True PRO,a few other fliers at the field were Very IMPRESSED,and,are probably having theirs shipped as I'm writing this!!
    The Tiger is Sturdy,seems like it will handle some mishaps without any major damage,but where this shines is the POWER and HANDLING- Even Though Jets shouldn't be a beginners choice to start with,This is a VERY FORGIVING Ducted Fan Model,where other models in this class may NOT allow for any minor lapses in control.
    VERY NICE RTF,I wish ALL my planes,Prop jobs included,FLEW as NICELY as THIS DOES!! Really an EYECATCHER with the Bright Color Scheme,and you WILL LOVE TO FLY THIS Well Made,Well Thought out and EXPERTLY Set-up at the FACTORY,I had expected a "Glitch or two,usually a common easily rectified inconvenience,but,THIS WAS and Is PERFECT Even After about 20 battery charges worth of Flight!!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by MALIN, BOB

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    Re: JETIGER RTF Reviews

    I like it

    That's a vid I made.

    It's really a cool jet. Fast, stable, tuff (foam), bright so it's easy to see. The vid has couds, so the lighting wasn't real good but it's not bad. I had to compress the crap out of the vid to get it under 30Megs, so the quality isn't super either, but it's ok. I'm really glad I got it. It's easy to control whether you're just barely puttering along, or screaming out of a steep dive. Roll rate is really good as long as you've got some speed. Loops are no sweat. It's really responsive. The only thing I can't speak about is inverted flight. The last time I tried that with another edf jet, I got confused and there was a disaster. (I'm still pretty new to the hobby) It glides in to land with no power required. In the vid, once I've got the plane comin' back toward the camera there's no more thrust. Just let it get close to the ground, then bring the nose up a hair at the last minute. I was impressed with the flight time. I spent most of the flight at about 3/4 throttle or less. The battery didn't have a full charge on it, but pretty close. Overall I really like it. The only modification I made was that I cut the points off the leading edge of the main wing. I do that because when I land in the hay field the long grass get's caught on them, and they usually break off anyway. It doesn't seem to effect the flight performance. If it does, not by much. I really like it. Fun jet. I'm not sure I'd say it's for "beginners" to rc flying, but it'd make a good first edf jet. Very forgiving, with lots of power to get out of "close calls". Turns really sharp and fast if you need to, and it'll climb vertical very well. I'm glad I got one!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by miller, robert

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    Re: JETIGER RTF Reviews

    What a blast
    What a fun little airplane, plenty fast but docile, rock solid and a joy to fly!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Hau, Andy

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    Re: JETIGER RTF Reviews

    Jet Tiger
    Model has now been improved by replacing thin plastic nose cone with rubber and hatch screw is now a nylon twist lock. The Jet Tiger flys with authority, even in Colorado @ 6000' MSL. At 90 degrees, we have a 10,000 ft density altitude and the Jet Tiger's generous air intakes ensure adequate thrust. I bungee launch mine and it tracks true, carves turns and flies on a rail during high speed passes. I was so impressed with the model, I bought a second one and bashed it with a computer radio. Hi vis paint shows up well. I can't think of another RTF EDF that flys better.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Storey, David

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    Re: JETIGER RTF Reviews

    Still shocked
    First off hobby-lobby is the best company I have EVER done business with. They will do you right!

    I wish I had money to buy 3 of these things, and sadly they are going out of stock on hobby-lobby. But I think a legend will live on with this amazing JET

    Compared to an F-16 from E-Flight, this "thing" is a rock-et!!! Well, first off consider the ESC puts out 30 AMPs, this plane is half the weight or less of the F-16, the battery is smaller, etc... the result? A plane that really WANTS to fly!!!!!!!!!! I had a drunk person (I'm not kiddin') launch this plane the first time, and he threw before I was ready!! Instead of gunning it, I used the ailerons and it flew straight up (WAY up just like a kit) without ANY power whatsoever... uh oh! It came straight down hitting the ground in full swing... not much damage!

    The nose broke off, just the tip. Took it inside, came back outside 5 minutes later ready for more! THIS time, I was ready. Another guy (left-handed) with a weak arm threw it and it became the most fun, beautiful flying plane I had ever flown without applying any trim whatsoever! Even the CG was perfect. How can this be?! Well everyone was cheering, and whistling as I made some extremely low passes. I was WAY too comfortable with this jet. They had never seen one before, so they were obviously an awe-struck crowd! I came in and cut the throttle to zero, and landed it... when it finally stopped floating! the only way to get this thing to stop moving is to pull the nose up, then it stops immediately (don't over due it!)

    While I don't suggest the following: letting a drunk person or someone with a weak arm throw it, or beginner pilot, I DO suggest: this IS appropriate for a first time DF pilot, but at the same time it is certainly one of the fastest beginner jets (faster than the Diablo).

    Sorry for my long-winded review :]


    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bromley, Jesse

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    Re: JETIGER RTF Reviews

    Flies straight and true... and FAST
    The best beginner ducted fan there is. The fastest beginner, most stable, and longest flight time. It also flies where you point it, even straight up.

    Be careful though... this thing can reach speeds higher than advertised on a dive of death (DOD)! The DOD is probably the most impressive maneuver with the jetiger, It's extremely easy to pull out of even going at high speeds.

    This thing wows neighbors, and scares them at the same time. Personally, I prefer the flight performance of the jetiger over the Striker pusher prop (which is quite jumpy and incredibly fast and it tip stalls).

    While not as fast as high end DFs, it's very stable. If you look hard enough there are hobby stores that sell a more expensive version of this plane with a 40 amp ESC, but I would not recommend anything faster than this for a beginner.

    VERY impressive in your backyard, or a park-like flying field. On large flying fields, it may appear kind of slow and even too easy to fly... so I fly it in my back yard.

    Cons: the battery hatch comes loose if you crash the nose. Be creative! you can install magnets, or even use rubber bands and they don't seem to affect the flight performance! Also, it seems nose heavy, so adjust the servo arms in order to add auto-ascent to this. It's better for a beginner if it points up, not down! THIS JET IS HIGHLY REPAIRABLE!

    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bromley, Jesse

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