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Thread: Freewing L-39 Albatross

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    Freewing L-39 Albatross

    I purchased the Albatross a while back and just now getting around to putting it together. On page 4 photograph 2 of the instructions it talks about assembling the wings. The photo shows the wing and fuse next to each other, and says to "insert into the bolt" and a line labeled "bolt" goes to a spot on the photo that doesn't seem to show anything. Probing both the wing and fuse stubs where they glue together, I discovered matching small round holes about 3mm diameter in both that penetrate into the fuse and wing about 25 mm and then just end. Nothing in the holes, just plain foam. Seems very short for any kind of carbon spar, plus there's no spar in the kit contents. I did find a couple small screws about 14 mm long, but can't imagine how these could be used to bolt a wing. No clue what the holes could be for.

    To further confuse things, page 5 photo 5 shows the horizontal tail assembly and also refers to "bolt" with 3 lines to the photo. I understand that the tail is held on with 2 screws, but the "bolt" reference seems to be something different.

    I'm guessing that "bolt" has been translated wrong, but I can't figure out what the idea is.

    Any help?



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    Re: Freewing L-39 Albatross

    No idea. It's a pretty simple plane though, glue it together however you can get it secured and go fly.

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