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Thread: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

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    JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Nice Jet
    Jet was very easy to put together. This was my first jet I flew and it turned out to be a nice and stable aircraft. Takeoff was in about 20 ft. Landings were slow enough so I could easily maneuver the jet into a safe landing area. Flight time was as stated at about 6 minutes.
    Although this jet is NOT for beginners (too fast) it is great for the first time jet owner who has experience with ailerons, etc. Have fun!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Bill

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    READY for a JET!!
    This Jet flies very nice! Just make a few simple mods to tweak it out such as a better battery, save the one it comes with for another plane with less amp draw, replace the nose wheel with one a little bigger or shim the one it comes with to keep it tracking straight and prevent high speed wobble and set the elevator with some up elevator and check CG ( my jet balanced with a 1300 25c batt ) SHORT flight time about 4 min. Not for a beginner but a pilot with aileron skills will have fun fun fun
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Wenger, Lester

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Ok its not fast...... There has been conversation about this plane for about a year some good some bad, Lets get to the meat The build was pretty much the easiest thing I've ever done, alittle glue and charge the battery and let the glue dry, I fly edf like the f-18 and the lynx, both pusher and edf, both are fun. I also have quite a few warbirds this is by far one of the funnest (if thats a word) most stable planes I have ever flown, not twitchy or unpredictable. You point it it goes. If one is looking for a fun and now cheap edf this is the one that you must have to l;earn the edf jet. Very stable, very predictable, not super fast but a great plane. Now a word to the wise. Every thing bad I've heard on threads is dealing with set up. If you don't know how to set up a plane ask someone. Don't "THINK you know what you are doing crash it on take off and blame the company. Take great care in preflight set up and this will be one of the best buys you will ever have.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pitts, Brent

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Jas 39 Gripen ARF.
    Don't know what all the fuss on the RTF version was all about, but I love this EDF. I'm not a new flyer by any means and this shouldn't be considered a model for newbies. Having said that, anyone with flaperon or exponential control experience should be able to fly this without any problems. Much easier than my first EDF to fly and actually is easier than many of my WWII warbirds. Not a first plane but it went together in practically minutes and with a good receiver (I used a Hitec 6ch mini), it is fantastic. Just flew my maiden flight and landed it in nearly harrier style into the wind (10 to 15 mph). Only drawback is the battery size, I'm definitely upgrading to a larger 3s for increased flying times. It's not a scorcher but it didn't claim to be, it makes up for it in ease and looks. Great EDF in the ARF version. RTF's using the stock Chinese receiver are probably the source of problems for those who gave mixed reviews.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Connally, Chris

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    OK EDF, but needs work
    This didn't fly very well, little underpowered, and even on the CG looked and flew tail heavy. Had to add more weight to the nose, and still not that great a flier. I am not sure if the canards help it at all, it may be that they have to be put in at a special angle and if not in like that, make it hard to fly. I've seen them fly alright but would not really recommend it to a newer flyer. A more experienced flyer could trim this and make it fly well
    I give this product 3 stars. Review by Nye, Jeff

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    The Gripen is my first RC airplane. I must admit fault in having unrealistic expectations when choosing this plane.
    First, out of the box, the CG is a MILE OFF! And in the worst possible direction, it’s too far aft. Not only that, but the CG as stated in the instruction book is also WRONG! I guess that’s why it’s listed as an “Intermediate” plane. If you set up the plane so that it balances according to the diagram in the instructions, it is extremely nose heavy, requiring a very long runway to get airborne, a lot of throttle and positive elevon input to simply maintain level flight, and this set up makes for a harrowing high speed landing. If you fly it out of the box, it’s wildly unstable and impossible to control, guaranteeing it will go home in a trash bag. There are no provisions for adjusting weight in this plane to correct the CG either. As designed, you cannot move the battery and you cannot move the EDF. You are forced to add nose weight and endure the resulting penalties associated with increasing the planes overall weight with no additional performance. My plane (yours may be different!) balanced at 590mm from the nose.
    Second, I’m disappointed with the 1300 mAh battery. I do not expect a premium battery to be include with a plane costing less than $200, but this kit is like buying a Corvette with a one gallon gas tank and no radiator. Flight time is listed at 6 minutes, which I guess is possible if you fly the plane at 15 mph. But if you really fly this plane as intended, you’ll be out of juice in about 4 minutes and the battery will be swollen and smokin hot. The plane has practically no provisions for battery cooling and the battery box is so small you cannot upgrade to a larger battery like this plane really needs. I also worry about heat failure of the motor speed controller. It’s wrapped in heat shrink and smothered with a shroud/cowling, ensuring the heat sink gets little to no cooling air.
    Third, the control rod clevises are made of ridiculously fragile and brittle plastic. They require so much force to lock and unlock them, I had broken them after several control rod adjustments.
    Again, I realize I’m a novice and I shouldn’t have started with an intermediate plane, but I would like to make the following suggestions:
    Hobby Lobby- I’m sure the plane you used in the demo video DID NOT fly like that out of the box. I would like you to share your set-up notes by posting them on your site or including a leaflet with the plane. Since the planes CG diagram in the instructions is wrong, getting a starting point for the CG on the plane will save your customers A LOT of frustration.
    Purchaser- I encourage the following modifications (other reviewers deserve credit for these ideas). Increase battery cooling. I made a scoop to funnel air into the battery box as well as 2 exhaust ports into the ducted fan intakes to pull air out. Enlarge the battery box. I moved the receiver and made a larger battery box to allow for larger batteries as well as fore and aft movement to change the CG location without adding weight. Reverse the rear landing gears. This moves the rotational fulcrum closer to the CG for much shorter take-offs. Remove/modify the cover on the speed controller for improved cooling. I added a scoop and exhaust ports to the cover over the controller heat sink. Finally, get stronger control rod clevises.
    On a positive note, this plane will fly well once properly set up. Landings are slow and gentle, response is quick, and the speed is impressive at an economical price.
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by Wade, Rodney

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    GREAT first EDF, NOT first plane
    I got this Gripen with the idea it would be a painless, all in one intro to EDF. It was not,however, my first plane and I consider myself a fairly good hobby flyer. I'm never gonna win any contests, but I don't stuff them in too often anymore ;). Anyway, I LOVE this plane- great fun and still nice and docile on landing. It's no speed demon, but it's fast enough. The only reason I gave it four stars is it had some minor issues out of the box. H/L put them right straight away, and if you make a few changes it's a great plane. See a full review I wrote on Wattflyer here-
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by CLOSE, KELLY

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    Now this is what I'm looking for
    I reveiwed this plane before and I still stand with my 5 * rating. If you know how to set it up its great. not fast by any means but great. Now for the new review. I burned out the motor and while waiting for my replacement motor, and fan unit I got bored and mounted a 1100kv motor and 40amp esc used a five by five prop and turned it in to a pusher. Wow now thats what I'm looking for in jet performance. this plane will hit 110 mph easy, and is real stable. Now you have to hand launch leave the landing gear to avoid prop damage when landing but. This was the gripen I was looking for when I first bought this plane. I'm not a speed demon but when you have a jet you want it to perform like one. here is your hint on making this plane rock. make it a pusher and put the fan unit on the lynx.
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by Pitts, Brent

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    Re: JAS-39 DUCTED FAN JET, ARF Reviews

    This plane flys nicely and easy to land but I think it is way underpowered. I had to fly around at 3/4 throttle.
    I put a larger motor in and removed landing gear.. It really helped.
    I was disappointed at its power.. Flight time is short... I put in a 2100 in but had to modify to do it.
    I would not buy it again..
    I give this product 2 stars. Review by bryant, sanford

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