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Thread: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

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    J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    Great Beginner Plane
    Very smooth plane. I've never played with an R/C plane before but even I was able to get it up and running on my very first try. Landing was a little rough but that was my fault. Make sure there is absolutely no wind outside and find a place with a lot of room if it's your first time. Just take your time and be gentle with the controls.

    Not that I have anything to compare to, but this thing seems like it has plenty of power for a beginner plane. I can easily stay in the air with only 30% throttle. I can't wait to get better at it and finally convert it to 4 channel.

    1 star off for the included screws. They're so low quality. It's nearly impossible to screw them in without stripping them. I think they should included better quality screws with it.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Bahar, Fatma

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    Probably not really for beginners
    My mother bought this airplane for my 12-year old son as a Christmas gift. I can best describe our experience as periods of disappointment punctuated with moments of total heartbreak as we watched airplane parts scatter.

    We've achieved three flights, each ended in total disaster and days of rebuilding. We probably have a total flight time of 45 seconds.

    I know this is advertised as appropriate for beginners, but neither my son nor I could figure out how to fly it. Although we're experienced model builders and followed the directions carefully, perhaps there was something wrong with our particular plane as it seemed absolutely and totally uncontrollable.

    As to the quality and craftsmanship, I have no baseline to compare it to. Ours broke in pieces on each landing (crash), but perhaps that's just how these airplanes are made.

    We've now broken the shaft off our second motor and we're hanging it up. There's not enough money or interest in our household to keep buying parts and gluing it back together again.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Weeks, Alex

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    Great plane!
    Its a very durable plane, easy to build, and flies great!
    I give this product 5 stars. Review by DiAntonio, Julian

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    J5 Piper first impression
    Just got the plane and opened the box. First off the outside of the box said receiver ready and I ordered the RTF after opening the box it was the RTF. The plane was packed nicely the radio transmitter already had batteries installed. Everything was there as advertised. It took me about 1 and half hours to put the plane together. The pieces fit well but the small screws used to connect the wing struts can easily be stripped on top because they are tight fitting into the plastic mounts. I ended up taking a small Phillips screw driver that I had that was just a bit larger than the original hole and heated it up and made the hole larger. Dont make it too large or it wont tighten. Like the instructions say just snug all the screws up the wing screws go into the foam so again be careful. Hooked up the clevis's to the control horns rudder and the elevator had to adjusted after the battery was hooked up but that is expected.
    When I put on the prop you have to find a way to keep the prop shaft from turning when you try to put on the nut. In the video on Hobby Loobys web site they suggest pulliing out the right side false motor. There are two screws on the bottom of it inside the cowling. Dont worry about the one inbetween the cylinder heads. Now it works great to tighten the nut but the trick is getting it back on and not dropping a screw inside the cowling around the electric motor. I got mine back on after very many frustrating minutes but managed to strip one of the screws out so you might look for another way to do that. Have not flown it yet due to weather but when it gets its maiden flight will let you know how it does. Hope this helps those who might buy this model.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hogue, James

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    Unstable flight characteristics, fragile
    one of the worst planes I have ever owned. Stalls very easily, followed by a swan dive spiral back to ground (tip stall). Cockpit very fragile. First crash destroys it. I have repaired it three times now. Also, bungee wheels keep coming off on every landing. no exceptions - not even when I hot glued it to the plane. Definitely not a beginner's plane. Get a genuine Parkzone plane. It is worth the price difference.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Chiu, Kou-Wei

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    Piper J-5
    Great plane. Assembled quickly and the instructions were good not great. I have grown from the champ, to mini cub, to super cub and now this the J-5. I also have the UM P-51 and UM T-28. I purchased a dx 7 transmitter so I can bind them all. I purchase this plane back in early December. I put it together during Christmas and had no issues. It has been really cold and snowy in Northeast so I have been just looking at this plane. The only mod I did was change out the receiver with an orange receiver because I bought a RTF. Anyway today it was 60 degrees and no wind. I took out the micros, super cub and the J-5. All went well on take off. Plane took right off and flew well. It was a little sluggish but that was a my fault. I have to mess with my settings on the TX because I had the throws and expos set wrong. Still it handled pretty well. It had plenty of power and could do loops and rolls with plenty of power to spare. My issue was when I went to land. I was landing on a soccer field and it was a little bumpy. The plane glided in and rolled a little then just stopped. I saw something orange go flying and something black. At first I thought it was the prop spinner. Went over and it was the left wheel. The orange hub and wheel fell off. I thought at first it just came unthreaded but that is not the case. The hub is pressed on so you cant screw it back on. All in all a good plane but the landing gear bummed me out. I can't believe it is pressed on and not screwed. I wanted to change out my wheels for the bigger ones like on my super cub. I hope I can at least fit a collar on there to fix it. I rated it a 4 because of the landing gear problem and the instruction booklet. It looks great and I am sure it is going to fly great too one the landing gear is fixed.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Stone, Eric

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer RTF Reviews

    Tried it as a 3 ch trainer ... evil. Bought 2 other 3 ch trainers ( HZ Champ and a HZ Super Cub) and great success. Then I bought a 4 ch (Apprentice 15e) great success. OK, Changed the J5 to the 4 ch and .... still evil. I understand CG, etc so it's not me, I think. Some planes are just difficult to set up, or ..........? Last attempt by a very seasoned flyer brought on a fast left turn climb that we could NOT correct. It sits in the hangar waiting for .................. Ideas? Let me know. Sure seems to be well thought out but won't fly.
    I give this product 1 stars. Review by Hardy, Donald

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