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Thread: J-5 Cub Trainer Receiver Ready Reviews

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    J-5 Cub Trainer Receiver Ready Reviews

    Piper J5 A a clasic looking bird!
    I received my RXR J5 for Christmas. I really like the scale looks, and detail on this model. It came neatly packaged and well protected. Even though I didn’t need a charger one is included along with the battery. A few things that I wasn’t impressed with were the screws supplied in the hardware. They are very hard to drive and I had to buy new screwdrivers that fit the head better. Even the supplied screwdriver is a total waste just plan on tossing it. Looking back it might have been advantageous to drill the holes out with a properly sized bit making the screws easier to drive. It also took a little time to figure out the mounting of the ESC because mine was just thrown into the fuselage and there are no instructions on how to arrange it and the motor leads are not very long. Which leads to another point there is little extra room in this bird, don’t plan on using larger batteries then supplied. My kit did not have an instruction manual, I had to download one from the from the Hobby-Lobby web site. I do find the airplane a pleasure to fly and it’s pretty sporty set up with ailerons and the low dihedral. Overall I’m pleased with the plane and would buy again.
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Zigo, Daniel

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    Re: J-5 Cub Trainer Receiver Ready Reviews

    J5 Trainer
    The screws with the plane are poor quality, HL did send me extras when I called. It had a defective wing, again HL sent a new one. As a "trainer" in 3 ch configuration, I think it is a poor flyer. Switched to 4 ch, regular wing set-up and found it to be "twitchy". CG seemed correct as done on a CG machine, but something was not right. Added a full oz in the cowl to make it fairly nose heavy and added a LOT of elevator travel and now it is a fun plane. Tons of power, wants to torque roll on takeoff. Slow throttle advance with a bit-o-rudder helps a lot. BTW, use a piece of thin ply and CA it into the landing gear slot to strengthen it, pops out too easy if you don't. Side note, both wings have the lights reversed, red is on the right and green on the left, :-))
    I worked on the plane, off and on, for 4 months before I got the thing to fly well. Now it is one of the 1st I want to fly. Best thing is customer service! When I called the folks there were really interested in getting my plane right and me happy! Good job on that HL!
    I give this product 4 stars. Review by Hardy, Donald

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